Cool Stuff: Joey Ellis’ ‘Sketchbookery Volume 1’

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Sketchbookery Volume 1

Joey Ellis is a cool dude and a great artist, and I’ve enjoyed stalking following him on Twitter and Instagram for a long time now. He opened a shop not too long ago and I try to snag everything he adds as often as possible.

Today he added something very cool, a book! It’s called Sketchbookery Volume 1 and it’s a collection of his awesome doodles. Here’s a description from Joey’s blog post announcing the book:

Sketchbookery Volume 1 is a collection of silly drawings, doodles and other nonsense that are found in my sketchbooks, scraps of paper, and what have you. Over 100 original pieces of original art that will make you question my professionalism. The book is 48 pages long, just long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee over. Trust me. I timed it.

I ordered my copy, and you should too! It’s probably the best $5 you’ll spend today.

You Should Commission Some Art from Jeffrey Johnson

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We all know I love geek art, but most of the pieces in my collection are prints. That’s all fine and dandy, but there’s something awesome about having an original piece of art that you know no one else has. Our friend Alex Deligiannis sent me an amazing hand drawn version of our Sasquatch logo one time, but until now that has been the only original art in my collection.

Jeffrey Johnson, aka RedHerringJeff, is a friend of a friend, and a very talented artist. I’ve been stalking following him on Twitter and Instagram for a long time, and finally decided that I needed to commission some art. I wanted some Jim Henson art to compliment my Michael DePippo Animal poster, and I knew Jeff was the man for the job.

I already had an awesome 4×4 drawing of Fraggle Rock’s Boober from Jeff due to a contest not getting posted on the site (hey, I paid for it!), so I commissioned another 4×4, this one of Dr. Teeth, and a 8×10 of my hero, Jim Henson.
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Boot The Foot: Awesome TMNT Illustrations

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Boot The Foot

Tim pointed out this awesome new Tumblr to me the other day and I knew I had to post it. Artists Skummie and BeastPop teamed up in Voltron fashion to form SkummBeast, and they created the site Boot The Foot to show off their re-imaginings of TMNT characters, along with those of their friends. So far they’ve tackled Slash, Krang’s Android Body, and a Triceraton, and they’re all pretty great.

It’s pretty obvious I’m a bit obsessed with TMNT fan art, and I’m going to look forward to seeing more characters on Boot The Foot. Bring on Ace Duck!

Cool Stuff: Dipper and Mabel Meet The Hulk

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Hulk in Gravity Falls

Now that I posted the Gravity Falls episode of Saturday Morning Central, I’ve been going back and re-watching all the episodes and generally getting even more obsessed. One way I’ve been feeding my obsession is by hanging out in the Gravity Falls sub-Reddit, and from there I found this awesome illustration of Hulk meeting up with Dipper and Mabel.

A tiny part of me wants Disney to let Marvel or Star Wars crossover with Gravity Falls, but the show is pretty perfect the way it is now. Still, it’s awesome seeing what Hulk could look like if he ever wandered into Gravity Falls.

This illustration is by Jeffrey Thomas, and you can check out his blog and DeviantArt profile.

The Beast is Back: Interview with Artist and Toy Collector Christopher Lee

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Christopher Lee

Last year I came across a post on Strange Kids Club about some TMNT art by an artist named Christopher Lee. I quickly reposted his work here and ordered some prints. Fast forward one year and I have more than eighteen square feet of wall space with Chris’s work, including prints of his TMNT, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters art.

You’ve probably seen Chris’s work even if you haven’t read about him online. Chris is an independent designer and illustrator and his client list includes Target, Disney, and Hasbro. If you’ve seen the cool 3D Adventure Book gift card at Target, you’ve seen Chris’s art.

Along with his girlfriend he runs the shop The Birds & the Beasts, and also happens to have a truly amazing collection of 80s and 90s toys.

After a year of buying his art, blogging about it, and stalking following him on Instagram, I thought it would be fun to interview him for the site. So, read on to learn more about Chris’s work, influences, and his amazing toy collection.

Special thanks to Tim and Rob for contributing some of the questions!

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