Blog Disclosure Statement

In light of the new FTC requirements for bloggers, I thought it would be a good idea to offer up a blog disclosure statement about how I roll here on THS.

Review Copies

In return for reviewing products on Top Hat Sasquatch, sometimes I receive review copies for free from the distributor. This pretty much just includes DVDs and the occasional toy.

Sending me a review copy does not guarantee a positive review. Luckily, I’ve liked most of the products I’ve received.

I try to include a disclaimer at the bottom of all my reviews letting you know that it is based on a free copy, and include a link to this page. That way we’re all on the same page.

I wouldn’t accept just anything, I try to keep it as relevant to the site as possible. This lets me provide opinions on products before they’re released, and also lets me host some cool contests.

Contact me if you’d like to talk about getting your product reviewed.

Affiliate Links

In addition to review copies, I use affiliate advertising on Top Hat Sasquatch. Each time you purchase something from one of my affiliates, I get a tiny chunk of that transaction, and that helps me continue to run the site. I’m no problogger, and an affiliate check comes in the mail to me about as often as birthday cards do, so it doesn’t add up to much.

I try to keep the affiliate links relevant to the site, for example:

The bottom line is, I’ll never tell you something is awesome if I don’t think it really is, and your support of the site through the affiliate links is greatly appreciated!