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Top Hat Whatsit?

Top Hat Sasquatch is a blog run by geeks, for geeks. We use the official-sounding genre of Geek Culture to justify posting articles about toys, cartoons, movies, snack foods, video games, and whatever else tickles our fancy.

I’m Tommy, the founder of the site and the omniscient narrator for your journey through this About Page. This site started back in 2006 under the name Saturday Morning Central, and has evolved a lot since then. Last year we started a podcast called Bubble Pipe Theater that we record occasionally, and even branched it out into it’s own Podcast Network with a few other shows.

If you’re new here, some highlights of the site are:

About our Mascot

Our Top Hat Sasquatch was illustrated by Alex Deligiannis, an artist currently working at Nickelodeon, a huge TMNT geek, and a friend of the site. You should check out his site and buy all his art.

If you like his illustration as much as we do, you can currently buy it on a t-shirt, and you’ll get some buttons and stickers as a bonus.

You can also download a coloring sheet if you’re awesome.

Support the Site

If you like the site, consider spending your life savings at Amazon through our special ninja link, so that we may slightly profit from your spending, thus feeding the large room full of children on stationary bikes that keep our servers running.

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The Top Hat Sasquatch Team


Tommy DayFounding Editor

Tommy is a web developer living in Indianapolis, IN, who geeks out over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, LEGO, The Muppets, cartoons, and old-school video games.

Tim Briscoe


Tim is a full-time web worker and wanna-be cartoonist. Even as an aging geek, he's still pursuing the obsessions of his 13-year-old self including Star Wars, Bronze Age comics, comic strips, baseball, video games, and rock music.

Rob Lammle


Rob is freelance writer out of St. Louis. His main areas of geeks-pertise are movies, Star Wars, comic books, 80's and 90's cartoons/toys/music, internet memes/lifestyle, and a certain time traveling medical professional from Gallifrey.