The 20 Most Awesome LEGO Star Wars Minifigures

Posted 11 years ago by Toys

Rebel Tech

20. Rebel Technician

I wanted to start the list with something completely random, and this guy fits the bill. He looks like he could have stepped out of a Monty Python film with that mustache, but apparently he holds the important job of fixing things and walking around in the background when the important characters are talking.


19. Young Anakin

Short legs. Beady eyes. Freckles. Cute.


18. Hondo Ahnaka

I’ve honestly never seen a full episode of the new Clone Wars show, but the design of this dude named Hondo makes me want to spring for the first season Blu-ray in November. He looks like a pirate circus ringmaster.


17. R2-D2 with Serving Tray

This is no ordinary R2-D2, this is slave R2 from Jabba the Hutt’s barge in Return of the Jedi! Finally your minifigures don’t have to get their own drinks!

Aldar Beedo

16. Aldar Beedo

From everyone’s favorite Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace, comes Aldar Beedo, a podracer that looks like a robot squid.

Scout Trooper

15. Swamp Trooper

Scout Troopers are awesome, but green Swamp Troopers from Chewie’s home-world of Kashyyyk are Most Awesome.

Battle Droid

14. Battle Droid

The skeletal design of the prequel Battle Droids looks pretty cool in LEGO form, especially if you have a few thousand laying around.


13. Jabba the Hutt

I guess this counts as a minifigure, but there’s not much mini about it. It looks like a big pile of plastic, and is oddly all green, but with LEGO man hands Jabba is one of the weirdest minifigures there is.

Tusken Raiders

12. Tusken Raider

With heads that come off, you could easily recreate Anakin’s rampage from Episode II with these Tusken Raider minifigs. Donkey noises not included.

Plo Koon

11. Plo Koon

Plo Koon was always one of the more intriguing prequel characters visually. I don’t know much about him, but I’m sure in Middle School I could have told you a lot. It’s bad that the prequels are entering nostalgia range now, but maybe that will make them seem better?

Royal Guard

10. Royal Guard

Nothing is badder than a Royal Guard, and the LEGO version doesn’t disappoint. Next.


9. Shadowtrooper

The Shadowtrooper, an expanded universe character, used a lightsaber and was all sorts of awesome. This version doesn’t have a lightsaber, but was in the first expanded universe set (#7664 Tie Crawler).


8. Bib Fortuna

Jabba’s slimey right-hand man Bib Fortuna may not be the weirdest looking, but he’s up there. You’ve got to hand it to George Lucas, in what other franchise would kids play with a random background character with a messed up head, in LEGO form? Ok, probably Harry Potter, but still, Bib Fortuna minifig!


7. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars flavor)

There are many versions of Obi-Wan, but I think the Clone Wars version is my favorite. Maybe it’s his armor, or maybe it’s his crazy hair.


6. Chewbacca

Chewbacca isn’t a character you would think would translate very well into the LEGO world, but the cool head sculpt combined with the sculpted torso makes it work pretty well. Also, the bowcaster is pretty sweet.


5. Yoda

Like also comes in two flavors of awesome, regular or Clone Wars. I like the classic version the best; they really nailed the head sculpt.


4. Greedo

I love Greedo almost as much as I love watching Han Solo murder him. I mentioned the Mos Eisley Cantina set yesterday, and after staring at the Greedo minifig for hours upon hours (not really), I concluded that he is 4th Most Awesome. Also, it kind of looks like he’s wearing a thong, just saying.


3. Battle damaged Darth Vader

Darth Vader may be a staple of most people’s LEGO Star Wars collections, but how many have the Battle Damaged Darth Vader? He came in the Rogue Shadow (#7672) set along with fellow The Force Unleashed stars Juno Eclipse and Vader’s Secret Apprentice. Apparently I didn’t finish that game because I don’t remember a battle damaged Vader, so excuse me while I go try to finally get past that darn Star Destroyer part.


2. Admiral Ackbar

It’s really surprising that it took ten years for LEGO to release an Admiral Ackbar minifig. He finally debuted in set #7754 – Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser to gurgle his famous line “It’s a trap!” Most awesome because I love Admiral Ackbar, and you should too.

George Lucas Minifig

1. George Lucas

What? A George Lucas minifig? OK, this one is kind of a stretch, and you’ll have to buy the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary to find out, but somewhere in those pages lies an awesome minifigure of the Bearded One himself! I’d love to have one; it would go great with my Steven Spielberg minifigure from the long-lost LEGO Studios Movie Maker set.

So there are some of my picks for the most awesome LEGO Star Wars minifigures, what are some of yours?

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  • you shoud put captainrex,commanderfox,commanderbly and commadergree

  • darthKuuush

    the number 1 spot fits, i got the lego dictionary, and i saw it in the back.
    i want it more than any lego mini fig. ever.
    sooo dope

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    dang! thats alot of minifigs i want to know? what packs did you get those minifigs in. see ya