500th Post

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500th Post!

Five hundred posts. Wow, that’s kind of cool. Even though I’ve been blogging here in one form or another for six years, the site has only been going consistently for around three or four. Rather than letting the milestone slip by unannounced I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and revist some moments from Top Hat Sasquatch/Saturday Morning Central’s history, clip-show style.

In the past few years I’ve met some awesome people through this site (and through shamelessly promoting it on Twitter). Some people ended up joining the cause to blog and podcast with me, and I met plenty of people who run awesome blogs and podcasts of their own. I never would have guessed you could meet so many cool people by running a tiny geek blog.


Saturday Morning Central

If you’ve only been to the site sometime in the last three years, you probably didn’t even know it used to be called Saturday Morning Central. SMC was my first foray into web design and blogging, and it mainly went in cycles of a few months of posts, and then a year of silence. It was a pretty blatant rip-off of X-Entertainment.com but I had fun posting about random crap I was into as a kid.

Most of the articles from that era are lost forever (thankfully), but some made the jump over to the current site. Articles like:

Wow, so many GIFs.

And of course, the post that went viral and got SMC a ton of traffic for a week or so, The Best Muppet Show Beatles Covers.

Two very silly articles still remain the highest sources of traffic for the site, The Worst Dinosaur Movies of the 90s and The 10 Greatest Puppet TV Shows of the 90s. Hmm, maybe I should write about the 90s more? One of my favorite weird posts was about a creepy VHS tape I found called The Happy Hamster .

Before I switched names to Top Hat Sasquatch, I made a blog post detailing the evolution of the design of Saturday Morning Central.

Last summer we started our podcast, Bubble Pipe Theater, and a few months later turned it into a podcast network for geeks called the Bubble Pipe Network. Our buddy Alex Deligiannis designed the logos for THS and the podcast network, both of which would probably look like that ugly Saturday Morning Central header if he hadn’t helped out.

The Future

Besides growing our podcast network, we’ve got a lot of plans for the site. I plan on making some original videos for the site, with the first one happening very soon. It’s going to be deliciously geeky, I’ll tell you that. I want to focus more on editorials here on THS in the future, and we’ve got some cool series lined up for that. Late to the Party, Guilty Pleasures, Morbid Curiosity , and Geek Eats are just a few of the series we are planning here on the ‘squatch, in addition to lots of cool reviews and the best Missing Links we can gather. Oh, and t-shirts. That’s definitely happening very soon.

Thanks for reading the site, and I look forward to the next 500 posts!

  • Congrats! I’m so happy to have discovered this site via The League. Looking forward to your next 500 posts. 😉

    • Thanks! I’ve been enjoying shezcrafti too!

  • Cody Mix

    You really do have a top-notch site here, not that I wasn’t a fan of SMC as well. Congratulations on the big 500.