Awesome TMNT Prints by NC Winters

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NC Winters TMNT

NC Winters is a California-based artist and he just released this awesome set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle prints that are available for sale over at his website. I love having a lot of variation in style in my geek art collection, and NC’s prints would look great next to a lot of other TMNT geek art I’ve posted over the years.

NC Winters TMNT

He’s only selling 20 of each, so if you want to snag one you’ll have to keep an eye on his store. You can pick up Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Leonardo for $40 a piece, or $100 if you’d like it mounted to a birch panel and resined.

I’m going to need to get a bigger office, I’m running out of wall space!

Cool Stuff: Michael de Pippo’s ‘Great Pumpkin’ Posters

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Michael de Pippo's 'Great Pumpkin' Posters

Michael de Pippo caught my eye last year when he designed the awesome ‘Electric Mayhem’ concert posters, and I’ve been watching to see what else he’s had up his sleeve since then. His latest work is based off of my favorite TV Halloween special, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!. You can get the posters in the standard and variant versions above, as well as each on super-limited wood prints.

I love both versions, but the standard may be my favorite and I’m definitely going to try and snag one. Having bought all five of de Pippo’s Muppet posters, I can tell you that the quality on these is insanely great. They’re each hand-screen-printed and numbered, and come printed on very high-quality paper. The quantities for all versions will be pretty limited, but shouldn’t be as hard to get as Mondo posters.

Be sure to check out Michael’s post on his site for more info.

They go on sale next Tuesday at 9:30am PST on Dark Hall Mansion’s website, so be sure to bookmark that if you want to have a chance at getting some awesome ‘Great Pumpkin’ art by Michael de Pippo. I know the art in my office could use a little seasonal flair.

Cool Stuff: Christopher Lee’s Ghostbusters Poster

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Christopher Lee's Ghostbusters Poster

Christopher Lee, the talented artist behind the TMNT Action Figure Art I posted on the site last year as well as these great Star Wars posters, has just released a Ghostbusters poster and it is just as awesome as his other work.

I’m a huge fan of Christopher’s work. Ghostbusters was the perfect franchise for him to tackle next, and he knocked it out of the park. His ability to lay these out, keep them in his style, but still have that movie poster look is insane. I could rattle off a huge list of movies I’d love to see posters for in his style.

This poster is a very limited edition of 100, and you can order it from his shop. Also, make sure to check out the post on his blog if you’d like to see his early sketches and ideas.

Cool Stuff: Pixel Art Top Hat Sasquatch by Tim Briscoe

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Pixel Art Sasquatch

Our very own Tim Briscoe sent me this the other day, and my first thought was, Dang, I have to post that on the site! Tim has been getting into pixel art (something I wish I could do), and he chose our mascot as one of his first subjects and it turned out great. He even went ahead and created a pixel art version of our text logo too, which I might just drop in the header because I like it so much better.

I need to get some new business cards or postcards or stickers printed up with this guy on them, because everything is better when it has a pixel art version of itself.

Update:I just ordered some sweet stickers with this guy, and if you’re one of the people who snag a THS t-shirt you’ll get some.

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Cool Stuff: Olly Moss ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Mondo Poster

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Olly Moss Dark Knight Rises Poster

I’ve drooled over many a Mondo poster the past few years, and I’ve never been able to snag one due to their limited runs and popularity among geeks these days. Luckily, Mondo has teamed up with acclaimed artist Olly Moss to produce a Dark Knight Rises poster that will be sold to anyone who wants one.

From Olly’s annoucement post:

It’s a 16×24 screen print on cream stock, and it will go on sale for 24 hours at 12:01am CT Wednesday the 18th of July for $40 from . It’s a timed edition, so anybody who orders within those 24 hours is guaranteed a print.

I think this is a great idea. With eBay scalpers accounting for a huge number of Mondo sales lately, printing a huge run like this will effectively cap the resale value but enable more fans to get their hands on the art. I wish they would do this for more posters.

So, are you going to order a poster on Wednesday?