Cool Stuff: Pixel Art Top Hat Sasquatch by Tim Briscoe

Posted 8 years ago by Art

Pixel Art Sasquatch

Our very own Tim Briscoe sent me this the other day, and my first thought was, Dang, I have to post that on the site! Tim has been getting into pixel art (something I wish I could do), and he chose our mascot as one of his first subjects and it turned out great. He even went ahead and created a pixel art version of our text logo too, which I might just drop in the header because I like it so much better.

I need to get some new business cards or postcards or stickers printed up with this guy on them, because everything is better when it has a pixel art version of itself.

Update:I just ordered some sweet stickers with this guy, and if you’re one of the people who snag a THS t-shirt you’ll get some.

Also, I couldn’t resist.

  • I love it!! But tell me — what kind of game would Sasquatch be? I’m imagining some kind of puzzle/platformer where you throw your top hat like a boomerang at enemies and blow bubbles to float to higher levels.

    • It’s funny, I originally came up with the character because I thought it would be a cool game or cartoon, and then I realized that I have no programming or animation skills.