Joey Ellis’ TMNT Art

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In addition to making awesome Twitter Avatars, Joey Ellis has been busy creating this set of TMNT illustrations that I now badly want on the wall in my office.

Suggestions for future doodles: Ace Duck, The Rat King, and Fugitoid. Any suggestions from you?

The Wonderful Twitter Avatars of Joey Ellis

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One of my favorite things about Twitter is how it is a great place to discover artists. Over the years I’ve been tweeting either I’ve stumbled across artists with similar interests or they’ve found me somehow. One in particular is Joey Ellis, and if you follow him you’re most likely familiar with his awesome Twitter avatars.

His trademark is an awesome avatar of a character you’re familiar with wearing Mickey ears. Here are some of my favorites.

You can find the whole collection in this huge Flickr set.

Get a Custom Painting for Free from Ali Spagnola

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Free Paintings

The only thing better than commissioned art is free commissioned art. Lucky for us, an enterprising artist named Ali Spagnola has been giving away a painting a day for the last couple years. She is just about to finish her 1000th painting, and is in need of more requests.

I heard about this project towards the beginning and requested a guitar painting, and got it a few months later. The wait should be a little shorter now if you email her soon. Check out her website for more information and a complete gallery (including my painting), but here are some of my favorites.

Ali Spagnola

I told my sister about this a couple years ago and my Star Wars-loving nieces requested a Darth Vader painting, and Ali didn’t disappoint.

Darth Vader Painting

What are you waiting for? Check out her website to find out how to request your painting, and spread the word!

Ali also runs a blog.

Where the Wild Things Are Art Gallery Show

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Terrible Yellow Eyes

Chalk this up as another thing that makes me wish I lived in California, where things that interest me actually happen occasionally. The always-awesome Gallery Nucleus is running a Where the Wild Things Are art show from September 19th to October 6th. The show is called Terrible Yellow Eyes, and is curated by Cory Godbey of the website with the same name.

Expect a lot more Wild Things coverage on the site from now until October, then we’ll let the wild rumpus that is Halloween take over!

Via Nate Wragg

8-bit and Beyond Art Show by The Autumn Society

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no more bulliying

The Autumn Society, the group of artists in Philadelphia whom you may have heard of from their 80’s Pop Art Show is putting on another event that I wish I could go to. 8-Bit and Beyond looks like it’s going to be another awesome show.

Mr. Goomba

Via Doctoroc, who is going to be the DJ at the event. Check out his post for many more examples of the art that will be there.