You Should Commission Some Art from Jeffrey Johnson

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We all know I love geek art, but most of the pieces in my collection are prints. That’s all fine and dandy, but there’s something awesome about having an original piece of art that you know no one else has. Our friend Alex Deligiannis sent me an amazing hand drawn version of our Sasquatch logo one time, but until now that has been the only original art in my collection.

Jeffrey Johnson, aka RedHerringJeff, is a friend of a friend, and a very talented artist. I’ve been stalking following him on Twitter and Instagram for a long time, and finally decided that I needed to commission some art. I wanted some Jim Henson art to compliment my Michael DePippo Animal poster, and I knew Jeff was the man for the job.

I already had an awesome 4×4 drawing of Fraggle Rock’s Boober from Jeff due to a contest not getting posted on the site (hey, I paid for it!), so I commissioned another 4×4, this one of Dr. Teeth, and a 8×10 of my hero, Jim Henson.


Jeff accepted some photos for reference just so I could show him what “version” of Jim Henson I was looking for, and the finished product was exactly what I had in mind. It’s awesome, and I can’t wait to get it all framed. You can have a look at the two pieces below:

Jeffrey Johnson's Art

If you’d like to commission something from Jeff, you can do so over at his business, Handmade Family. He’s a geek like us so chances are if you want something cool commissioned he’ll be all for it. You should also check out his cool comic Life With Girls, about his experiences raising two little girls.

I’m sure I’ll be ordering some more art from Jeff in the future. I’d love to see his take on Batman, Star Wars, and of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Also, to make up for the Long Lost Muppet Giveaway of 2011™, feel free to suggest some cool ideas for 4×4 drawings and I may pick a couple to to order from Jeff and give away on the site.

    • Are you looking for Muppet-themed suggestions?

    • Also, don’t forget that they announced a new Muppet movie coming out in March 2014, today!

  • Tim Briscoe

    Jeff has always been a really nice guy when I’ve dealt with him. I bought a couple pieces of original art from him that he was just going to throw away (gasp!).

    More people should commission art in general, whether it’s from Jeff or another artist. I bought one of Joel Carroll’s sketchbooks and he did a Star Wars drawing in the front for me. It’s a great feeling to help support artists to do what they love.

  • Thanks for the post, Tommy! These were a lot of fun to work on, and I have some cool ideas for another Jim Henson piece, as well as a couple of Fraggle ones too…as soon as I can clear some of the other personal project stuff off my desk, that is. 🙂