Cool Stuff: Joey Ellis’ ‘Sketchbookery Volume 1’

Posted 7 years ago by Art

Sketchbookery Volume 1

Joey Ellis is a cool dude and a great artist, and I’ve enjoyed stalking following him on Twitter and Instagram for a long time now. He opened a shop not too long ago and I try to snag everything he adds as often as possible.

Today he added something very cool, a book! It’s called Sketchbookery Volume 1 and it’s a collection of his awesome doodles. Here’s a description from Joey’s blog post announcing the book:

Sketchbookery Volume 1 is a collection of silly drawings, doodles and other nonsense that are found in my sketchbooks, scraps of paper, and what have you. Over 100 original pieces of original art that will make you question my professionalism. The book is 48 pages long, just long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee over. Trust me. I timed it.

I ordered my copy, and you should too! It’s probably the best $5 you’ll spend today.