Help Me Get This ‘Pizza Point’ Shirt Made!

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Pizza Point

Last year I commissioned Cody from Crooked Ninja to make this awesome art based on the Pizza Points that came on the back of TMNT action figure cards. I had them made into vinyl stickers, but I’ve been dying to get Pizza Point shirts made. Rather than gambling real money on if enough people would be interested in buying these shirts, I decided to use a TeeSpring campaign to try and kickstart the idea.

If the minimum amount of orders gets met by April 6th, these shirts will get made and I will probably wear mine all the time. If you’re as nostalgic about the classic line of Playmates TMNT toys from the 80s and 90s, order one of these Pizza Points shirts and I’ll be eternally grateful!

Check it out on TeeSpring

Update: PS, I also made this Obscure Pop Culture Reference campaign because I’ve always wanted that on a shirt.

Threadless has Lion King Shirts. That is all.

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Lion King Shirts

Threadless continues to kill it with their special design challenges based on licensed stuff. I grabbed a couple of their Simpsons shirts over the holidays, and today they announced something awesome for a kid from the 90s: Lion King shirts.

The Lion King is probably in my top ten movies of all time, and they’ve got a few great designs. Future King and Hakuna Matata are my favorites, but the others are pretty good too.

Now, can we get some Aladdin tees?

Shirt of the Day: Stick Stickly!

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Stick Stickly

I had forgotten about the whole Shirt of the Day thing around here, but this new shirt from BustedTees is so awesome it could very well be the shirt of the year (for me anyway). If you grew up in the 90s and watched Nickelodeon, you remember Stick Stickly. He was the little popsicle stick mascot the network used in bumpers and promotions for Nick in the Afternoon, and he had a pretty catchy jingle.

BustedTees captured the essence (and the jingle) perfectly in their new shirt, and I’m going to order one right away, because I never wrote in to Stick Stickly when I was a kid and I’m filled with shame.

Check it out on BustedTees

‘Fraggle Rock’ Shirts Now Available on Threadless

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Fraggle Rock

Hey there, it’s been a while! For some reason my vacation from this site ended up being a week longer than my vacation from work/real life, but oh well. I’m back and there’s a ton to blog about. First up is yet another attempt by Threadless to steal all my monies, the new Fraggle Rock Collection.

There’s only three designs to pick from, but they’re all pretty great. 30 Fraggle Faces is pretty self-explanatory and looks decent. Don’t be a Party Boober! is probably my favorite, because Boober. The Doozer Contstruction Co. shirt is pretty nice, too. Regardless, Fraggle Rock shirts on Threadless!. I hope the Henson company has some more cool tricks up their sleeves to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Fraggle Rock.

Will you be picking any of these shirts up? Did I miss anything while I was gone?

[Contest] Win One of Christopher Lee’s Awesome T-Shirts

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Christopher Lee's Awesome Shirts

Friend of the site and Geek Extraordinaireâ„¢ Christopher Lee has been busy lately. He just recently revamped his store, released some awesome American Food Stand prints, and somehow managed to find time to start his own t-shirt line. He’d been teasing his shirt designs on Instagram for a while now, and they are incredible.

Chris’ two shirts are called Scoundrels, Miscreants, and Rapscallions and The Warriors of Saturday Morning. They both sport the awesome style you’d expect from Chris in a 5 color screen print with “soft feel” inks printed on an Anvil 980 “fashion fit” tee. Yes please.

I love Chris’ villain designs in Scoundrels. They’re all great and arranged together they make up one badass shirt. Then there’s The Warriors of Saturday Morning. It’s jam-packed with 80s pop culture references in the best way and I think I want to live in that universe.
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