Threadless Launches Minecraft Collection, Takes All My Money

Posted 8 years ago by Shirts

Threadless Minecraft Collection

Threadless is killing it lately with their partnered collections. Last year they had The Muppets and Adventure Time, and lately they’ve had Sesame Street, Disney Villains, and now Minecraft. They really need to consult with me before launching any awesome new shirt lines so I can increase my Threadless budget first.

I don’t like every one the Minecraft designs, but a few are awesome and are definitely on my Christmas wishlist. I particularly like Bad Weather, but who doesn’t love pixel art on their t-shirts?

Now if only they would get a Gravity Falls or TMNT challenge going, I’d have even less money.

You can check out all the Threadless Minecraft shirts here.

  • As a gamer I am deeply ashamed to admit this, but I have never played Minecraft. I’m familiar with it and know a lot about it since I’m always up on gaming news, but I’ve just never, you know, actually played it.

    • I actually haven’t played it in a really long time, since they’ve added all the cool stuff. I got into it towards the beginning and got a little hooked, but since I hate playing games on my desktop I haven’t gone back much. However, the new laptop comes today and I’m thinking I’ll probably start playing again.

      Maybe we should start a server for The League.

      • I just ordered a new laptop too. Black Friday was my bitch this year.

        I’d totally be down with that.