Cool Stuff: Jurassic Park Wallpaper by Dave Delisle

Posted 8 years ago by Movies

Jurassic Park Wallpaper

Jurassic Park is usually the movie I tell people is my favorite when I have to pick one. I’ve watched it a bzillion times and I love everything about it, and I’m almost 100% sure that opinion isn’t totally based on nostalgia. I just love that freaking movie. I also love this wallpaper that was posted over at Dave’s Geeky Ideas featuring one of the low-tech computer interfaces from the film.

The computer interfaces might be the most dated part of Jurassic Park, but they’re classic. Who can forget Samuel Jackson staring at the huge CRT monitor as the electric fences start failing, or the touch screens in the Ford Explorers, or Dennis Nedry’s screensavers? Ok, I need to go watch Jurassic Park again.

Hold on to your butts and download the wallpaper at Dave’s website.

  • Cripes, my comment was totally going to be: “Now all we need is Nedry’s ‘Ah ah ah, you didn’t say the magic word!’ screensaver’ but you’ve already got it covered. Jurassic Park, though probably not my #1 favorite (*cough* TMNT *cough*), is certainly in my Top 10 of all time. To this day I consider it the best cinematic experience I’ve ever had in the theater. I will never forget the first time I saw it.

    Dave did an awesome job! I’m gonna put this wallpaper on one of my desktop PCs.

    ETA: Oh, re; screensaver nevermind! I thought you were talking about his Magic Word security alert, not the Elvis thing. I still want the Magic Word thing, whatever it is. A pop-up? Until someone makes one I’ll have to content myself with this:

  • Wesley Hampton

    As a fan of Jurassic Park I have to ask, did you get a chance to see Old Murder House’s “Jurassic Park Live” or “Jurassic Farce” or whatever they were calling it? Up until now they’ve been an Austin-only treat, but they took this one on the road. It was the best Jurassic Park related thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.