VHS Nostalgia: Jurassic Park

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VHS Nostalgia

After my post about the VHS tapes I picked up at Goodwill the other day, I thought I would start a new series on the site dedicated to VHS Nostalgia. Besides the box art, one of the things I remember most about VHS tapes was the stuff that you’d find inside.

I remember being almost as excited about the inserts, ads, and coupons as I would be about getting to watch the movie. In the days before the Internet, Twitter, and blogs, sometimes the inserts in VHS tapes were the way you’d find out about new movies or when one of your favorite movies was coming to home video for the first time. Disney tapes in particular always had a ton of inserts.

Well, today I was at Goodwill again and I found something pretty awesome. A sealed Jurassic Park tape for fifty cents. I immediately started wondering what treasures would be inside the cardboard box besides my favorite movie of all time on an old-school tape. When I got home I took the shrink-wrap off and scanned the pages of the booklet that fell out. Other than a few superfluous Jello pages, here it is intact.
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Geeky Shirt Roundup: Jurassic Story & The Incredible Hulk Hogan

Posted 8 years ago by Shirts

Geeky Shirt Roundup

I haven’t posted any t-shirts on the site for a while, mainly because I see so many great ones but dont’ want to flood your RSS feed with them. So, like Missing Links, I’ll just round up a few every once in a while and post them together, starting with these two awesome new shirts from BustedTees.

The first is Jurassic Story, a cute/clever mashup of two of my favorite movies, Jurassic Park and Toy Story. I love how Rex is smiling at Woody and doesn’t look threatening at all.

The other shirt I just added to my cart is The Incredible Hulk Hogan, and as a non-wrestling fan it’s saying a lot that I think this is cool enough to buy. Seriously, I hate wrestling, but this shirt is too cool to pass up. I kind of wish they’d left off his catchphrase, but oh well.

Seen any cool shirts lately?

Jurassic Park Builder Review

Posted 8 years ago by Games

I’ve been such a bad gamer the past few months. I let my Xbox Live subscription expire, I haven’t even turned on a game console in four or five months, and now I rarely ever even play a game on my iPhone. I think I’ve been to preoccupied with work, blogging, and trolling ebay or something, but I need to get back into gaming.

Seeing the Jurassic Park logo pop up in the iOS App Store for a free game that has thousands of positive reviews was just the boost I needed. I’m a hardcore Jurassic Park fan, and I’ve at least tried almost ever JP video game that has ever been released, so I couldn’t pass this up. The game is called Jurassic Park Builder, and unsurprisingly it’s a game where you build your own Jurassic Park.

So is the game fun? Hold on to your butts and lets find out.
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Cool Stuff: Jurassic Park Wallpaper by Dave Delisle

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Jurassic Park Wallpaper

Jurassic Park is usually the movie I tell people is my favorite when I have to pick one. I’ve watched it a bzillion times and I love everything about it, and I’m almost 100% sure that opinion isn’t totally based on nostalgia. I just love that freaking movie. I also love this wallpaper that was posted over at Dave’s Geeky Ideas featuring one of the low-tech computer interfaces from the film.

The computer interfaces might be the most dated part of Jurassic Park, but they’re classic. Who can forget Samuel Jackson staring at the huge CRT monitor as the electric fences start failing, or the touch screens in the Ford Explorers, or Dennis Nedry’s screensavers? Ok, I need to go watch Jurassic Park again.

Hold on to your butts and download the wallpaper at Dave’s website.

Forget Star Wars, Spend Your Money on These Blu-rays

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If you’re like us, you’re so upset about George Lucas tampering with his classic films that you don’t even want to buy the new Blu-ray set. As much as I’d love to watch the new bonus features, the thought of shelling out $80 and not even getting the versions of the films that I love drives me crazy.

Luckily for my fellow disgruntled Star Wars fans, there are a lot of amazing Blu-rays available to fill that void, some already available and some coming very soon. Here are a few.

Citizen Kane

Whether or not you agree with the masses that Citizen Kane is the best movie ever made or not, you can’t ignore it’s cultural and historical significance (Hey, just like Star Wars!). Admittedly, I’ve only watched it all the way through once, and it was years ago. I’ve had it sitting on my media center for over a year in not-so-glorious SD resolution, and now that I own this impressive Blu-ray set I’m glad I’ve waited to watch it again. The box itself is gorgeous and holds a lot of goodies, and the movie has been upgraded with a 4K scan. There are tons of bonus features, but the best part is the price.

$40 on Amazon
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