Threadless has Lion King Shirts. That is all.

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Lion King Shirts

Threadless continues to kill it with their special design challenges based on licensed stuff. I grabbed a couple of their Simpsons shirts over the holidays, and today they announced something awesome for a kid from the 90s: Lion King shirts.

The Lion King is probably in my top ten movies of all time, and they’ve got a few great designs. Future King and Hakuna Matata are my favorites, but the others are pretty good too.

Now, can we get some Aladdin tees?

‘Fraggle Rock’ Shirts Now Available on Threadless

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Fraggle Rock

Hey there, it’s been a while! For some reason my vacation from this site ended up being a week longer than my vacation from work/real life, but oh well. I’m back and there’s a ton to blog about. First up is yet another attempt by Threadless to steal all my monies, the new Fraggle Rock Collection.

There’s only three designs to pick from, but they’re all pretty great. 30 Fraggle Faces is pretty self-explanatory and looks decent. Don’t be a Party Boober! is probably my favorite, because Boober. The Doozer Contstruction Co. shirt is pretty nice, too. Regardless, Fraggle Rock shirts on Threadless!. I hope the Henson company has some more cool tricks up their sleeves to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Fraggle Rock.

Will you be picking any of these shirts up? Did I miss anything while I was gone?

Threadless Launches Minecraft Collection, Takes All My Money

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Threadless Minecraft Collection

Threadless is killing it lately with their partnered collections. Last year they had The Muppets and Adventure Time, and lately they’ve had Sesame Street, Disney Villains, and now Minecraft. They really need to consult with me before launching any awesome new shirt lines so I can increase my Threadless budget first.

I don’t like every one the Minecraft designs, but a few are awesome and are definitely on my Christmas wishlist. I particularly like Bad Weather, but who doesn’t love pixel art on their t-shirts?

Now if only they would get a Gravity Falls or TMNT challenge going, I’d have even less money.

You can check out all the Threadless Minecraft shirts here.

Awesome Charlie Brown/Zelda Mashup on Threadless

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Charlie Brown as Link

Pop culture mashups are nothing new in the t-shirt world, and often they’re more annoying than they are clever, but every once in a while someone creates one that really works and begs to be part of my shirt collection. That can be said about this great shirt up for voting on Threadless featuring Charlie Brown as Link from the Zelda games. It’s a mashup that almost seems obvious after you’ve seen it, but it was executed perfectly.

Kudos to winter_the_artist on Threadless and make sure to vote his design up so we can see it get made.

Missing Links: A Bit of Everything

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Missing Links

The Top Hat Sasquatch team reads a lot of blog posts every day, and some slip through the crack or just don’t warrant their own post. That’s where Missing Links comes in. Every few days we collect the best links we’ve come across and pass them on to you.

LEGO Lord of the Rings News: LEGO Gollum Poster, LOTR Minifigs Revealed
Yet another awesome minifig reveal by LEGO for their Lord of the Rings line. Also a first look at the Orcs and Ringwraiths. So far, I like everything I've seen and can't wait to build these sets.

Threadless on the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace
Your Xbox avatar can now wear Funkalicious, among other classic Threadless t-shirts. The circle is now complete.

Vortex, a USB keytar
As a musician and a geek, I approve of this keytar midi controller, even though half of the fun of keytars is standing up and looking like a dork in front of a lot of people, not just your computer.

Hyrulecraft, a complete Minecraft replica of Ocarina of Time, is now live
The lengths that geeks are willing to go these days to create awesome things astounds me.

Nickelodeon Universe Announces New TMNT Thrill Ride
Looks like I'll be going to the Mall of America sometime this year. This ride sounds great! Also, note the appearance of Shredder in this mockup. He looks kind of cool!

RetroBit RetroDuo Portable takes your SNES games on the go, $20 adapters bring NES and Genesis as well | The Verge
Looks like the portable SNES that Tim linked to around the holidays has some (much cheaper) competition.