‘Fraggle Rock’ Shirts Now Available on Threadless

Posted 7 years ago by Shirts

Fraggle Rock

Hey there, it’s been a while! For some reason my vacation from this site ended up being a week longer than my vacation from work/real life, but oh well. I’m back and there’s a ton to blog about. First up is yet another attempt by Threadless to steal all my monies, the new Fraggle Rock Collection.

There’s only three designs to pick from, but they’re all pretty great. 30 Fraggle Faces is pretty self-explanatory and looks decent. Don’t be a Party Boober! is probably my favorite, because Boober. The Doozer Contstruction Co. shirt is pretty nice, too. Regardless, Fraggle Rock shirts on Threadless!. I hope the Henson company has some more cool tricks up their sleeves to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Fraggle Rock.

Will you be picking any of these shirts up? Did I miss anything while I was gone?