Cool Stuff: Hot Toys’ 1989 Batman and Joker

Posted 8 years ago by Toys

I’m not one to buy expensive collector toys, but it’s a habit I wouldn’t mind starting with Hot Toys’ upcoming 1989 Batman figures. The detail is amazing, and of course the figures come with an insane collection of extra heads, hands, weapons, and accessories. These figures run about $250 a pop, and you can preorder Batman and The Joker at Sideshow Collectibles.
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Cool Stuff: Geeky Peg People

Posted 9 years ago by Toys

Ghostbusters Peg People

I bet a lot of you played with Fisher Price Little People when you were tiny. They’ve been around for decades, and even thought they were plastic by the time I played with them, I always loved the older, wooden Little People.

That’s the vibe I get from RandomlyGenerated’s Etsy store, although instead of dogs, cowboys, and generic folks, the peg people are characters from our favorite pieces of geek culture. The Ghostbusters are definitely my favorite, although there aren’t any TMNT Peg People on there yet so that could change.

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First Look at LEGO’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Sets

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Today Disney unveiled it’s upcoming line of Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets. Get ready for full-on LEGO PotC madness, because these sets will be accompanied by a new video game from TT Games and probably a huge amount of merchandising.

I can’t really say I’m looking forward to the next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but I’ll admit, the LEGO sets look pretty cool. Since I’m an adult now with a limited toy budget, I’m sure I’ll just end up getting a tiny set to get my hands on a Jack Sparrow minifigure. Although, if someone donated that Queen Anne’s Revenge to the THS cause I’d happily put it together and play with it for hours.

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Hot Wheels Video Racers

Posted 9 years ago by Toys

This is going make me sound so old in a walking-to-school-uphill-both-ways kind of way, but kids today are so lucky. They have access to some of the coolest technology and toys thought unimaginable just a scant 20 years ago.

Take this upcoming offering from Mattel. They’ve improved their traditional Hot Wheels diecast cars by placing a small video camera and LCD screen inside. The camera records at 30 or 60 frames per second to give you point-of-view video of the action you’ve just taken your Hot Wheels racer on. Taking the toy to the next level, you can also put the camera-car in its protective shell and attach it a helmet or bicycle for more POV recording.

The 12 minutes of total recording time may not sound like much but these cars don’t typically long trips. Plus you can download the video to your computer via the car’s mini USB. The car even comes with software to edit your creation.

This video-camera-in-a-toy concept isn’t new for Mattel. They already have Barbie Video Girl that places a camera inside the torso of the popular doll. It may be the boy in me talking, but the idea of a Barbie camera always seemed pointless and kinda dumb. A matchbox-sized car camera, on the other hand, is the stuff I longed for as a kid.

Hot Wheels Video Racers are set to his stores this fall with a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Via Cnet Crave via Syfy DVICE

All Terrain-Ice Cream Transport

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Imperial Ice Cream

It’s a trap! Why else would the Empire be hawking dairy treats from a giant AT-AT? Sounds like a great way to catch a Jedi with a sweet tooth.

Actually it’s just an awesome LEGO creation (modification?) that LEGO should actually sell. A line of quirky Star Wars sets would be great.

All Terrain-Ice Cream Transport on Flickr via Laughing Squid