LEGO Angry Birds

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How do you make something awesome even awesomer? You create it out of Lego bricks.

That’s exactly what Yiu Keung did with Rovio’s video game phenomenon. All your favorite birds of mass destruction are represented. There’s even the evil pigs and the slingshot.

Can you imagine tossing these around to create a smash-em-up, real-world version of the game? No, I can’t either.

See the full gallery of photos on Facebook.

Awesome Captain Hook Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles

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Captain Hook Premium Format Figure

I don’t know who decides what characters need to get turned into expensive collectibles over at Sideshow, but whoever thought of Captain Hook from Disney’s Peter Pan deserves a cookie. This ‘premium format figure’ features real cloth and the freaking crocodile and is probably way out of my price range, but damn. I want this guy.

He comes out soon, so make sure to pre-order yours at Sideshow Collectibles because they sell out of everything quickly.

Marvel Superhero Plushies Bring the Cuteness

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Marvel Plush

HULK CUDDLE! We here at Top Hat Sasquatch aren’t afraid to embrace our inner cuteness, and we appreciate it when our geek toys and collectibles aren’t either. That seems to be the case with these Marvel Comics Plushies from Funko, and I want them all.

Plushie Hulk and Thor are my favorites, at least until they get around to making Plushie Deadpool and Plushie Punisher. What about you? Name the Marvel character you think would make the best/weirdest Plushie in the comments.

Via Laughing Squid

Tron Mickey Mouse

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Tron Mickey Mouse

In anticipation of the Horrible Night Out at the IMAX in Indianapolis tonight, I broke out my Tron Mickey Mouse vinyl figure from Sideshow Collectibles and snapped some photos. I have mixed feelings about vinyl collectibles. If they were cheaper I’d probably own a lot more, and in the case of Tron Mickey Mouse, I wish he lit up. Sideshow sent this to me a while back and I wanted to hold off until Tron Legacy was out to publish anything.

There’s not much to review with vinyl figures, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Sidenote: It’s a testament to Tron Guy’s viral popularity that when I look at this it makes me think of Tron Guy Mickey Mouse more than Tron Mickey Mouse.

Toypedia – Awesome Photos of Tiny Toys

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When our good blogging friend Weirdo Toys suggests someone to follow on Twitter, we listen. That’s how I found out about Toypedia, an awesome blog all about odd little minifigures. The photos are very well done and the toys are often completely random and interesting. As someone with a new camera and no clue how to use it properly, I could learn a few lessons.

Be sure to also check out Toypedia’s Flickr stream, and if you ever happen to find any of the crazy minifigures featured on the site, please put them in a tiny box and send them to me immediately.