Comic-Con LEGO Roundup: The Hobbit, Star Wars, and Super Heroes

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The Hobbit LEGO Set

Geeks lucky enough to be in San Diego enjoying Comic-Con are starting to get the first looks at what LEGO has in store for the coming year, and so far some cool stuff has been revealed. Sets based on the upcoming move of The Hobbit, a pretty sweet new Star Wars set, and some new minifigures have all popped up online so far.

First off, Bag End from The Hobbit was unveiled, and it looks great. Due out in December, the Hobbit hole comes with six minifigures and is surprisingly awesome in LEGO form. I can’t wait to see what else LEGO has in store for the first Hobbit movie. Make sure to check out FBTB for a huge gallery of photos.

I’m not a collector of LEGO Star Wars sets, probably because they’ve been around so long that diving in feels too daunting, but this new Rancor Pit set really caught my eye. One of the best scenes in Return of the Jedi makes for an awesome little LEGO set.

LEGO aslo has some super cool Super Hero exclusive minifigures that I’ll probably never get to see in person. Expect to see these for crazy prices on ebay. Phoenix, Black Suit Spider-Man, Shazam, and Bizarro are all available at Comic-Con this year, and they all look great.

TMNT Classic Collection Action Figures now on Amazon

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2012 TMNT Classic Line

When I first heard about the TMNT Classic Collection action figures a few months ago I was super excited, but the release date seemed so far away. Well, it’s getting closer to August, but if you want to jump the gun and get your retro TMNT fix you can order them right now on Amazon, just for a few dollars more than retail.

Thanks to Newton Gimmick over at Infinite Hollywood for tipping me off. At only $6/more a figure and free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime, I’m very tempted to pull the trigger on these. I would almost pay $6 to not have to search all the toy stores in Indianapolis looking for these guys in August.

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo are all available now at $20 a pop.

Ultimately I may end up buying these guys twice, because they look perfect and I want this series to sell like hotcakes so we can get more characters done in this high quality. Seriously, how cool would Bebop & Rocksteady, Shredder, Slash, or Baxter Stockman look in this line?

Would you be willing to pay an extra few bucks to get them early, or are you going to wait?

Cool Stuff from Cool and Collected: PVC Figures

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Cool Stuff from Cool and Collected

One of my favorite sites in the blogosphere is Cool & Collected, a pop culture site run by Brian Adams. A couple weeks ago, Brian starting posting some excess toys he was wanting to get rid of (something I should probably do) and one of his posts caught my eye. I love action figures as much as the next geek, but something I’ve never really blogged about that I have a major addiction to is PVC figures. When one of Brian’s posts contained a bunch of them, I snatched them up.

I swear guys, I didn’t even know I was collecting these things. I just realized that I have a ton of them from when I was younger, and some of them have been played with more than my old action figures. They were usually made by Applause or Schleich, and based on the figures I have, were sold at Disney theme parks a lot. I have a lot of Mickey, Donald, Figment, and various Disney characters in tiny PVC form.
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Now You’re Thinking With Bricks

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Portal LEGO

We’ve mentioned LEGO’s new Kickstarter-esque site CUUSOO a couple of times before on the ‘squatch and since that time it’s grown quite a bit. The LEGO Minecraft set has actually been produced (review coming soon!), and many more projects have passed the 10,000 supporter mark needed for LEGO to step in and review their potential.

Users post some amazing builds there, but most of them seem to be projects that LEGO would never make, like the awesome Shaun of the Dead pub set or the countless OMG Please Make Phineas and Ferb sets! that you’ll find on the site. Most of the time I see a CUUSOO project that would require LEGO to get a license from a company, I ignore it.

But then again the Minecraft set was licensed (albeit from a small company) so it’s always a possibility. I hope that’s the case for this amazing Portal-inspired CUUSOO project because I’d love to see it become a reality. A group of talented builders have mocked up an extensive collection of Portal LEGO products including multiple sets and a Heroica-style board game. The sets are modular and would let you make your own Portal puzzle room, which is brilliant.

The sets all look great, and surely if LEGO can get a license from Mojang they can get one from Valve, but time and a few thousand more supporters will tell. Make sure to check out the project’s page on CUUSOO and be sure to vote for it if you’d like LEGO to consider making it a really-for-real product!

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LEGO Monster Fighters Haunted House Revealed

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LEGO Haunted House

LEGO is trying awfully hard lately to make me look like this, and I must say, it’s working. Between the Super Heroes, Lord of the Rings, and Monster Fighters lines, there is just way more LEGO awesomeness than I can afford right now. Somehow though, I’m going to be budgeting in this awesome haunted house that comes out in September as part of the Monster Fighters line. Just look at it, pure LEGO Halloween fun.

This set just has a lot going for it. It comes with some extremely nostalgic (to me, at least) ghost minifigures, along with a few monsters, and get this, a Zombie Chef! He may not have a brain in his pan, but that’s one of the coolest minifigures I’ve seen in a long time.

I love the detail in this set too. The boarded windows, the zombie heads on the columns, the gate, the gargoyles. Not to mention the detail I haven’t even seen yet, like the three floors inside that include an office, kitchen, and more. The set will be around $179 in September, and you can expect a detailed review here when it comes out.

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