Power Attack Batman and Robin Review

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Batman and Robin

I may not be a hardcore toy collector, but I like to think I have a vague awareness of the current toy lines on store shelves, especially with big characters like super heroes and Star Wars. Usually I duck into toy aisles when my wife and I are out getting groceries (“I just need to look at something real quick..it’s for my blog!”), but until I read a post on Battle Grip I was not aware of the new Batman Power Attack line of action figures.

The Power Attack series features the cutesy, bulky style of cartoon-themed toy lines and more kid-centric lines like Imaginext but stretched out to 6″ scale, and the results are surprisingly awesome. After Philip’s first post got me interested, he went on to review some of the more colorful versions of Batman and I knew I needed to pick up a few of these figures.

I picked up the two normal looking figures in the line, Battle Gauntlet Batman and Strike Shield Robin. Since I was a kid I was always confused by the multi-colored versions of Batman and this line features plenty of those. Some of them actually look pretty cool, but I tend to stick with blue, grey, and black versions of the Caped Crusader.
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Something Something LEGO Sports Something

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Hey look, new LEGO collectable minifigures! Cool, a new boxer! Ooh, and a weightlifter…wait a second, this isn’t a new series of LEGO’s Minifigures line. Damn, it’s just a special set of athletic minifigs celebrating the London 2012 Games, and it’s only available in the UK.

Yup, that’s LEGO’s new 8909 Team GB LEGO set, available this summer wherever English people buy LEGOs.

I just hope this means LEGO isn’t completely done with making collectable minifigures after Series 7, like we had previously heard.

Amazing Holographic Lego Star Wars In-Store Display

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I have very little restraint when it comes to anything LEGO Star Wars. I try my best to resist the urge to buy them all. If there’s a set on sale for as little as 10% off, I rationalize it as a perfect opportunity to indulge myself.

If I saw a display like this in a store, well… Money would spontaneously fly out of my wallet. It wouldn’t be my fault. The display made me do it. Lucky for my mortgage payment, this display with holographic animation effects is in Norway.

Watch this captivating video and decide yourself if you could withstand firepower of that magnitude. I bet not.

Random Toy Review: Mighty World Cat Burglar and SWAT Officer

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Mighty World Toys

Just recently I dug out my Tub-O-Toys™ that had been in storage for the past three years or so, and among all the old action figures and vehicles I found a surprise. I had two Mighty World figures still in their package that I had picked up at Target with the intention of posting here. I had never heard of Mighty World toys, and I was intrigued by the Playmobil-like generalness of their themes and the highly detailed, almost wooden appearance of their sculpts.

Ok, so the real reason I bought these was because they had a Cat Burglar figure, and I’ve always thought children’s toys of vagrants and criminals is such a funny concept.

Mighty World was pretty new when I picked these toys up, and I haven’t seen them in stores for a while. You can still buy them online but it looks like the line failed for the most part. Like Playmobil, they had a lot of everyday people and occupations represented by their figures and playsets. Police, construction workers, outdoorsy adventure-types, and of course Cat Burglars.
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Exclusive Hulk Minifig Promo Starts Tomorrow

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Hulk Minifig

I can’t get enough of ‘The Other Guy’ from this summer’s blockbuster movie The Avengers, and now I’m glad I don’t yet own all the Avengers LEGO sets. Starting tomorrow, May 16th, if you spend $50 at LEGO Shop@Home this exclusive Hulk minifigure will be added to your cart for free. He won’t look as huge next to your other Avenger minifigs but he still looks pretty awesome. Now we just need a Ruffalo Bruce Banner minifig.

The promo lasts until May 31st or until LEGO runs out. Now might be a good time to pick up that LEGO Avengers Quinjet set.