Marvel at This Week’s Two Awesome Trailers

Posted 8 years ago by Movies

It’s a good week to be a Marvel fan. A few hours ago the new trailer for Marc Webb’s reboot of Spider-Man debuted and it is pretty amazing indeed. I loved the first Spider-Man movie when it came out, but then again I was a sophomore in High School and I haven’t really watched them since that time. The Amazing Spider-Man looks like a Spider-Man movie I can get behind.

Andrew Garfield looks great as Peter Parker, and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey will be a welcome break from whats-her-face playing MJ. The tone of the film looks great. Spidey cracks jokes and displays some impressive acrobatics, and the costume and tech look awesome. All in all, this is one of the top four movies I’m most excited about in 2012, along with…

The Avengers Extended Super Bowl Trailer

Apparently there was some big sporting event this Sunday just a few minutes from my house, and a lot of people watched it while my wife and I stayed home and caught up on episodes of Adventure Time.

I don’t think we missed much, but there was a new trailer for The Avengers, and Marvel also released an extended version and put it up online for all of us non-sports geeks to see. It must be so fun cutting together Avengers trailers, because you can get away with showing so little and still make them insanely exciting. All it really took for this trailer was having a rendered Hulk standing next to all the other heroes to make it sink in that we’re really getting an Avengers movie in a few months.