Cool Stuff: Marvel Superheros ‘Got Milk’ Commercial

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I vaguely remember seeing this commercial back in the day, but it’s interesting to see now that we’re actually used to having The Avengers in live action on film. The costumes in this Got Milk commercial are straight out of the comics, and are pretty interesting. That Hulk actually looks kind of awesome! I know they wouldn’t have been able to use that for a movie very well, but it looks really cool. And that Spidey costume doesn’t look bad at all.

Iron Man on the other hand looks a little derpy.

Source: Reddit

Cool Stuff: Dipper and Mabel Meet The Hulk

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Hulk in Gravity Falls

Now that I posted the Gravity Falls episode of Saturday Morning Central, I’ve been going back and re-watching all the episodes and generally getting even more obsessed. One way I’ve been feeding my obsession is by hanging out in the Gravity Falls sub-Reddit, and from there I found this awesome illustration of Hulk meeting up with Dipper and Mabel.

A tiny part of me wants Disney to let Marvel or Star Wars crossover with Gravity Falls, but the show is pretty perfect the way it is now. Still, it’s awesome seeing what Hulk could look like if he ever wandered into Gravity Falls.

This illustration is by Jeffrey Thomas, and you can check out his blog and DeviantArt profile.

Geeky Shirt Roundup: Jurassic Story & The Incredible Hulk Hogan

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Geeky Shirt Roundup

I haven’t posted any t-shirts on the site for a while, mainly because I see so many great ones but dont’ want to flood your RSS feed with them. So, like Missing Links, I’ll just round up a few every once in a while and post them together, starting with these two awesome new shirts from BustedTees.

The first is Jurassic Story, a cute/clever mashup of two of my favorite movies, Jurassic Park and Toy Story. I love how Rex is smiling at Woody and doesn’t look threatening at all.

The other shirt I just added to my cart is The Incredible Hulk Hogan, and as a non-wrestling fan it’s saying a lot that I think this is cool enough to buy. Seriously, I hate wrestling, but this shirt is too cool to pass up. I kind of wish they’d left off his catchphrase, but oh well.

Seen any cool shirts lately?

‘The Avengers’ Podcast and Mini-Review

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The Avengers has been out for quite a while now, but Tim, Rob, and myself just had a chance to sit down and talk about it on the latest episode of Bubble Pipe Theater over on our podcast network. We discuss the movie and geek out about the next phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and you should have a listen.

Avengers Mini-Review

I usually forget or don’t get around to typing up my official thoughts on geek movies on here until it’s too late, but The Avengers could very well be the geek movie of the decade so I wanted to go ahead and get my thoughts down.

I didn’t get a chance to see The Avengers at midnight on May 4th but I went the next morning with my wife to a packed IMAX theater, filled to the brim with geeks of all ages. We didn’t really want to see it in 3D, but for this film I knew I wanted to see it on as big of a screen as possible, so I made an exception. My wife was just as excited as me, having loved Thor and Captain America last summer, and having watched Iron Man for the first time that week. We were ready to see them all team up on the big screen.
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‘Avengers Origins: Assemble’ and ‘Avengers Origins: Hulk’ App Reviews

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Avengers Origins: Assemble!

I’m jealous of kids today. I mean, I’m a kid at heart and I have no qualms spending my time watching cartoons, buying toys, and blogging about said cartoons and toys, but to be a kid right now in the age of iPads and Angry Birds and actual Avengers movies would be pretty awesome. I got bored with storybooks pretty quickly when I was little, and I’m sure flipping through the app equivalent of a storybook on an iPad would have kept my attention at least a little bit longer.

Like the Spider-man origin story app Rob reviewed a few months ago, Disney and Marvel have released two Avengers storybooks on iOS devices to coincide with the movie, and they were kind enough to send me some download codes so I could take a look. Avengers Origins: Assemble! and Avengers Origins: Hulk are both available for the iPhone and iPad.

Avengers Origins: Assemble

The awkwardly named Avengers Origins: Assemble! gives kids one version of how the Avengers all got together. It focuses on Captain America getting frozen in the ice and the Avengers finding him a few decades later. The line-up used in this story contains Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, and Wasp, and the threat is non other than Namor himself. I’ve never understood Namor very much (read: casual comics fan), and this app actually taught me something.

Stan Lee narrates both of these stories and it’s great hearing him read. His voice is as iconic as his face, moustache, and sunglasses, and hearing him read about his heroes is a blast. I’m not sure if kids appreciate an old man narrating their stories as much as older geeks, but I’d like to think they don’t mind.

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