TMNT: Rooftop Run is Actually Pretty Cool

Posted 7 years ago by Games

TMNT Rooftop Run

Have you had a chance to check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run game that just came out recently for the iPhone and iPad? I bought it not knowing if it would be any fun or not because I want to support Nickelodeon’s awesome TMNT effort as much as I can, but thankfully the game is actually pretty fun.

Rooftop Run is a Canabalt inspired running game, and even though there’s plenty of money grubbing ala Tiny Tower and Jurassic Park Builder, the game is still fun for TMNT fans who need to be distracted for a few minutes here and there.
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‘Ducktales: Remastered’ Makes Me Say WOO-OO

Posted 7 years ago by Games

Ducktales Remastered

I’m a little behind on this news, but it’s still awesome so who cares. Out of nowhere, game maker Capcom announced that they’re remastering the classic NES game Ducktales and that it will be released on PSN, XBLA, and Wii U this summer. Awesome. I love this trend of redoing the graphics of old games, and I’ll take anything new with the Ducktales name on it. I hope this means Disney is secretly planning on revisiting some of its Disney Afternoon cartoons and going something new with them, because that would be awesome.

I was so pumped about this that as soon as I heard the news, I grabbed my guitar and belted out the Ducktales theme song as loudly as I could. Then again, it doesn’t take much to get me to do that. It’s always the song I play when I’m bored, need to be pumped up, or just want to waste time.

Hey look, a trailer!
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‘Age of Empires II HD’ Coming Out. WOLOLO!

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Age of Empires II

I had a weird relationship to PC gaming as a kid. I remember when we got our first computer that had a CD-ROM drive, I played the hell out of games like Wolfenstein and a lot of random point-and-click games I don’t even remember. A few years later games started coming out with 3D graphics, and the old Packard Bell couldn’t keep up. I remember being hugely disappointed when I brought home my copy of The Phantom Menace only to find I couldn’t play it.

That’s probably a huge reason why I played Age of Empires so damned much. Someone installed it on my computer, it ran fine, and I remember playing it for hours. The music and sound effects are burned in my brain. I think I played the first one more than Age of Empires II: Age of Kings, but I know I played that one a lot too.

Even now I think about that game and I get the urge to track down some version that will play on my computer, but I’m too lazy to do it. Luckily, Microsoft is releasing a remastered version of Age II on Steam next month, with all kinds of graphical enhancements and wizardry. I hardly use Steam, but I know I’ll be dropping the $20 on this game and adding to my already huge list of distractions that keep me from working.

I can’t wait to hear those priests Wololoing again.

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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ Looks Weird

Posted 7 years ago by Games

TMNT Out of the Shadows

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to a lot since the Nickelodeon TMNT show has taken off in the past few months is new video games. Ninja Turtle video games were a staple of my gaming life from the NES through the SNES and Genesis. I got excited about the Reshelled game on XBLA, but other than that I haven’t played any more modern TMNT games. I have been hoping Nickelodeon would see to it that we get some awesome TMNT games.

A while back they announced a partnership with Activision to product three games, presumedly based on the new Nick cartoon. Well, now the trailer is out for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, and I don’t know what to think.
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Retro Rewind: ‘Chase H.Q. II’ for Sega Genesis

Posted 7 years ago by Games

Retro RewindI spend a lot of time wondering if something I use to love has held up to the test of time; if I would still watch, read, or play it. Sometimes you remember something as being awesome (Land Before Time movies?) but when you revisit it again it makes you want to gouge your eyes out. On the other hand, sometimes you check out something from your youth and it turns out that you love it even more now. That’s the idea behind our new series Retro Rewind.

I’ve been on a bit of a retro gaming kick lately and have been trying to remember what games I played a lot as a kid. I wasn’t able to buy a lot of games when I was younger, but I rented them all the time. There are a few games I remember renting a ton of times, and Chase HQ II for Sega Genesis is definitely on that list.

It seems like an obvious game nowadays, but back in the 90s, chasing down cars and ramming them into submission wasn’t a cliche yet. It’s surprising I’m a decent driver after a childhood filled with playing tons of games involving violence and driving.

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