‘Age of Empires II HD’ Coming Out. WOLOLO!

Posted 7 years ago by Games

Age of Empires II

I had a weird relationship to PC gaming as a kid. I remember when we got our first computer that had a CD-ROM drive, I played the hell out of games like Wolfenstein and a lot of random point-and-click games I don’t even remember. A few years later games started coming out with 3D graphics, and the old Packard Bell couldn’t keep up. I remember being hugely disappointed when I brought home my copy of The Phantom Menace only to find I couldn’t play it.

That’s probably a huge reason why I played Age of Empires so damned much. Someone installed it on my computer, it ran fine, and I remember playing it for hours. The music and sound effects are burned in my brain. I think I played the first one more than Age of Empires II: Age of Kings, but I know I played that one a lot too.

Even now I think about that game and I get the urge to track down some version that will play on my computer, but I’m too lazy to do it. Luckily, Microsoft is releasing a remastered version of Age II on Steam next month, with all kinds of graphical enhancements and wizardry. I hardly use Steam, but I know I’ll be dropping the $20 on this game and adding to my already huge list of distractions that keep me from working.

I can’t wait to hear those priests Wololoing again.

Via The Verge