Cool Stuff: Limited Edition Star Wars iPhone 5 Cases from Firebox

Posted 7 years ago by Tech

Firebox iPhone Case

The world of iPhone cases is rarely exciting anymore, and the lack of originality in most of them (combined with my laziness) is why I always prefer a naked iPhone. These awesome new Star Wars cases from Firebox make finally make me use a case again though, because they are amazing.

They’re pricey at $30 a pop, but they’re crazy detailed and make your phone look like either R2-D2 (my favorite), C-3PO, Darth Vader, and even a fuzzy Chewbacca. I’m trying to decide which to order right now (Chewbacca is just up for pre-order), and I think I’ll pull the trigger on the R2-D2 version.

What do you think of these? Would you walk around with a C-3PO iPhone 5 case complete with exposed wires? If so let’s be friends.

Via Firebox.

How To Jailbreak Your iPad Mini (or other iOS 6 Device) and Install Emulators

Posted 7 years ago by Tech

SNES on iPad Mini

If there’s one thing the Internet is great for, it’s benefiting from other people’s hard work. If you’re wondering what kind of car to get, which dog breed would be best for your tiny apartment, or what the worst Land Before Time Movie is (actual search query that led someone here), chances are at least a bzillion people have wrote about their experiences online.

When news broke about iOS 6 being jailbroken yesterday, I didn’t pay much attention to the headlines. I toyed around with Jailbreaking a few years ago when I had an old-school iPhone 3G, but since then iOS has improved so much I haven’t felt the need. Until I realized I could play retro games on my new iPad Mini, that is.

I don’t much like the idea of messing with my phone when it’s the device that I need to be able to use to call 911 and order pizzas and such. But now I have a second iOS device that isn’t a phone and when I started thinking about playing Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and NES games on it, I got a little giddy. So, I did some quick research, found plenty of other people who had figured out the hard stuff already, and now I have a jailbroken iPad Mini loaded with ROMs that I can pair with a Wiimote.

Hopefully by sharing my resources and explaining what I did I can help you out in case you’re even lazier than me, and perhaps feel like I’m contributing a little Karma to the web in some tiny way. Just remember, if you’re doing this to your phone, as of a few days ago it’s kind of illegal, but whatever. So is playing games via emulators.
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So I Guess VHS Nostalgia is a Thing Now

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VHS Nostalgia

I was wandering through my local Goodwill yesterday and after finding a sweet toy from my childhood I ventured into the VHS section. Now it’s important to note that I don’t have a CRT TV or a VCR and haven’t for like six years. But, I’ve been wanting to get a little TV/VCR combo to put in my office so I can play old-school video games and watch random VHS tapes, so me getting all nostalgic isn’t totally unwarranted.

Anyway, I’m standing at this wall of VHS tapes reading the ends of the boxes upside down and trying to spot anything good, and I realize that I’m going to bring home a stack of VHS tapes that I’ll only be able to look at. I started to put them back, but my moment of sanity was sadly temporary.
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Microsoft Actually Made Something Awesome

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Microsoft knows whats up. 90s nostalgia hasn’t been mined as much as 80s nostalgia, and it hits home for people my age and a little younger. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more stuff like this in the next few years, which is fine by me, because the 90s was such a funny decade. Everything was brightly colored, goofy, and extra awesome.

I don’t know if this ad will make people rush out and use Microsoft products, but it might make them rush to ebay and pick up a Super Soaker, Lisa Frank folder, or a box of Troll dolls. No comment on which one I searched for after I watched this.

Devour via Daring Fireball

Top Hat Sasquatch is on Instagram

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I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally created an Instagram account for Top Hat Sasquatch. Instagram is my favoritist social network ever and I’ve been taking plenty of geeky photos on there for a couple years now. I figured it was time to set up an official THS account so I wouldn’t have to worry about my non-geek followers’ lack of interest in TMNT and action figures. Also, it’s a great way to find people with common interests, so hopefully it will bring some new readers over.

I think Instagram will be a fun place to host some contests for the site, too. A few months ago I posted a shot of a cartoon-inspired t-shirt I was wearing and asked people to guess the reference, and it spontaneously turned into this fun little game. I want to do that officially every once in a while and include some prizes. Also, it would be fun to do contests where you would have to post a photo and tag the site, and then I can post a gallery of entries here after it’s over. But trust me, there will be plenty of dorky pictures of toys too.


If you’re on Instagram give us a follow! I’d like to have the first contest in the next week or two, as soon as I figure out what it’s going to be.