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Microsoft Actually Made Something Awesome

Posted 4 years ago by Tech

Microsoft knows whats up. 90s nostalgia hasn’t been mined as much as 80s nostalgia, and it hits home for people my age and a little younger. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more stuff like this in the next few years, which is fine by me, because the 90s was such a funny decade. Everything was brightly colored, goofy, and extra awesome.

I don’t know if this ad will make people rush out and use Microsoft products, but it might make them rush to ebay and pick up a Super Soaker, Lisa Frank folder, or a box of Troll dolls. No comment on which one I searched for after I watched this.

Devour via Daring Fireball

  • This IS awesome. But I’m still not going to use Internet Explorer. Ever.