Missing Links: Beer, TMNT, Spider-Man, Muppets

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The Top Hat Sasquatch team reads a lot of blog posts every day, and some slip through the crack or just don’t warrant their own post. That’s where Missing Links comes in. Every few days we collect the best links we’ve come across and pass them on to you.

Duff Pint Glass
How do I not have any geeky beer glasses? I need to fix that, and I think a Duff Beer glass would be a perfect start. Then I can move on to TMNT beer glasses.

Nickelodeon Confirms 3rd Season for TMNT Series
Booyakasha indeed!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chia Pet! | Dinosaur Dracula!
As if you needed any more proof that Turtlemania is upon us again, Matt at Dinosaur Dracula found a freaking TMNT Chia Pet.

Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man on Devour.com
This is hilarious and disturbing, as a 'Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man' should be.

The Muppets… Again Will Have Gold « Muppet Fans Who Grew Up – ToughPigs
Whoa, a classic Muppet performer is coming back for the new movie. Now if they could only get Frank Oz back.

‘Planes’ Trailer: Disney Does Pixar | /Film
I can't believe this is actually getting released in theaters now. Come on, Disney.

Chris Cooper to Play Norman Osborne in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ Will He Suit Up as the Green Goblin? | /Film
Awesome casting. I'd been trying to think of someone cool to play Osborne in TASM 2 but I would never have picked someone as high-caliber as Chris Cooper. I agree with /Film that we probably won't see him in costume, but regardless he'll be a very intense Norman Osborne.

The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang: Lego TMNT Stop Motion Shorts
These are so cool. I'm a sucker for anything TMNT, LEGO, or stop motion, so these are right up my alley.

Missing Links: The Hobbit, Simpsons, Spider-Man, and Click Wheel Games

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Missing Links

The Top Hat Sasquatch team reads a lot of blog posts every day, and some slip through the crack or just don’t warrant their own post. That’s where Missing Links comes in. Every few days we collect the best links we’ve come across and pass them on to you.

Before ‘Angry Birds’: the short life of click wheel iPod games | The Verge
Remember playing games on the old-school iPods?

Check Out This Unseen Trailer For Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ Featuring Webshooters | /Film
A weird bit of Spider-Man movie history. I never knew Raimi ever even considered mechanical web shooters.

Simpsons Drawing Club
An awesome new Tumblr featuring, you guessed it, drawings of Simpsons characters. There are a lot of different styles, and I'm looking forward to following this one.

The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang: September Lootcrate Unboxing
Take a look inside a month of Loot Crate, the swag-by-mail service for geeks we reported on a few weeks ago.

How Many Dwarves Can You Fit On A Hobbit Poster? | The Mary Sue
It's close, but I think this is my new favorite poster featuring 13 dwarves.

LEGO Lord of the Rings News: 3920 The Hobbit Game Found On Shelf | From Bricks To Bothans
I still haven't given the LEGO board games a try yet, but this Hobbit-themed game looks awesome and I may have to pick it up.

10 Things That Look Better Than The Amazing Spider-man’s Lizard

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The Lizard

I liked The Amazing Spider-man. I really did. I liked almost everything about it, with one glaring exception: the design of The Lizard. I was so excited when they announced that The Lizard would be the villain in this movie, but when the designs started to leak, I was a little bummed. When I finally saw the movie, I liked the character but the snoutless, generic Lizard design didn’t do much for me. So, to avoid actually working today I’ve been making a list of 10 things that look better than The Lizard.

As with most ‘silly lists’ on Top Hat Sasquatch, this is mainly a joke. Keep that in mind before you rage in the comments section.


The Goombas from the Super Mario Bros Movie

The Goombas from the Super Mario Bros movie were the first things I thought of when I saw The Lizard. Bald, scaly, and a big toothy grin. Exactly what The Lizard could have looked like in a 90s Spider-man movie, had they decided to ditch the snout and make it look ridiculous. I don’t know if a snout would have made The Lizard look that much better, but what is so unrealistic about growing a snout vs. growing a tail?
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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ AR Storybook Review

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It’s been 10 years since the original Spider-Man hit theaters and helped kick off the superhero movie craze. Many older fans are wondering why we need a reboot of the franchise so soon, but for younger fans, this could very well be the first time they’ve seen the web-slinger on the big screen. And if they love the new take on Peter Parker’s adventures, they might want to check out The Amazing Spider-Man AR (Augmented Reality) Storybook for iOS.

The Story

I haven’t seen the movie yet – I’m more of a second weekend of release type of guy – but I have been reading some of the reviews, so I know the general gist of the plot. From what I’ve gathered, the AR storybook covers about the first half of the movie, ending with Peter saving cars full of people from falling over a bridge. There is a hint that something strange and nefarious has caused the cars to go over the side, but we don’t actually see what that thing is. I can only assume it’s the Lizard, but he doesn’t appear anywhere in the book.

On the one hand, this seems like an odd choice. The story seems to stop just as it’s starting to get good, especially for young, action-hungry fans. But on the other hand, maybe the Lizard would be just a little bit too scary for some really young ebook readers. I know that as the father of a 4-year old with a vivid imagination, seeing photos of the Lizard would probably result in a few late-night visits with stories of the bad green man in her dreams. So while I’d be disappointed if I was a seven-year old reading the book, but it’s probably wise for Marvel to err on the side of caution than face the wrath of sleep-deprived parents complaining that their ebook is too scary.
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The Amazing Spider-Man iOS Game Review

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The Amazing Spider-Man

I saw the new Spider-Man movie and I liked it quite a bit. When I heard there was an iOS game out that was actually pretty fun and let you free-roam (or free-swing?) around New York City I had to check it out. It’s a bit pricey at $6.99, but after buying it and playing it all week I can say that if your’e a Spider-Man fan, it’s worth it.

I’ve been a fan of Spider-Man video games as long as I’ve played. I remember loving Maximum Carnage on my Genesis and being obsessed with the first Spider-Man game on Playstation. They’ve gotten a bit repetitive over the years, but swinging around town as Spidey is still one of my favorite things to do in video games.

The Amazing Spider-Man by Gameloft is a pretty nice Spider-Man game considering it’s for mobile devices. It sure beats the hell out of the old Game Gear game I use to play. The graphics obviously aren’t as great as you’d find on Xbox or a Playstation 3, but they’re on par with Wii graphics.

You’re given a surprisingly large area of New York to explore (which is probably why the game is almost 700 MB), and various missions and challenges to keep you busy. There’s a level system to upgrade your moves, and some fun mini-games where you can snap photos (like the one above).

The mechanics are simplified for the touch-based game, with one button swinging and a pretty easy combat system. It makes for a really fun game to keep you busy whenever you have a few spare moments to kill. On my old, spazzy iPhone 4 the game is a bit laggy, but I imagine it works just fine on newer or not-so-jacked-up devices.

My four-year old newphew loved it too. He kept yelling “I killed the bad guys!”

You can buy the game for $6.99 on iTunes.