Turtlemania Update: Tons of New TMNT Merchandise Demands Your Money

Posted 7 years ago by Stuff


If only that Leonardo chair was adult-sized.

Being a hardcore TMNT fan that’s all growed up now means that the new wave of Turtlemania that’s sweeping the nation is super exciting, and potentially super expensive. It’s hard to pass up TMNT products now that they’re popular again, but it’s already gotten too big for me to keep up with. I’ll stick with the toys and a few other bits of merchandise that catches my eye, but there’s no way I could get everything.

Regardless, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the newest TMNT merch that’s available at various stores just in case you want to waste spend some of your hard-earned cash.

Leonardo Chair

Character Chairs

These character chairs are $70 at Toys r Us, which seems crazy-expensive. I haven’t seen them in person yet, but if I had a kid that would be all the excuse I’d need to have one of these in my house. Hell, if my dog would fit on one that would probably be enough of a reason for me. Look at it, it’s super cute! [Toys R Us]

iPod Speaker

iPod Speakers

I don’t know how this is an iPod speaker but it’s super cute and Donatello (or Purple according to TRU’s website), which is alright with me. It’s hard to tell how big it is by the photo on their website, but I’m sure it’s on the small side. It’s interesting how many new TMNT products are iPod/Tablet accessories. [Toys R Us]

TMNT Lunchbox

TMNT Lunchboxes

This one is actually really cool. I found two metal TMNT lunchboxes on Amazon, and they’re both pretty cool. They’re not available as a Prime product so it’s hard telling where it’s coming from, but I might order one and find out how legit they are. [Amazon]


TMNT Flashlight

You know someone at some licensing company just looked at the new design of the Turtles and thought, “Their heads kind of look like – WAIT A SECOND!” [Toys R Us]

TMNT Stylus

TMNT Stylus

I actually need a stylus for my iPad Mini, and as much as I’d like to have a TMNT stylus, something tells me this would not be a very good one. However, it comes with a cute little shell keychain or something, so I’m still on the fence about this one. [Toys R Us]


TMNT Kites

These $9 kites are on Amazon and are simple, but pretty awesome looking. I love how the Nickelodeon Turtles look translated to 2D, whether it’s on these kites or coloring books. You can pick up Raphael, Donatello, Mikey, and Leonardo.

Honorable Mention: Somewhere out there is an unofficial TMNT piggy bank, but I haven’t been able to track it down yet. I saw one given as a white elephant gift this Christmas and it was pretty awesome. It is an actual pig bank, but the pig is dressed up like a Ninja Turtle. If anyone has any leads on where this came from, sound off in the comments. I suspect it came from Target around Halloween-time, but I’m not sure.

  • Good finds! I snagged the flashlight for Christmas and the iPod speaker not long after. Speaker is lackluster unfortunately but is a cool little figure.

  • A TMNT Chair?! Sold. 🙂

  • I want a lunchbox and the stylus, and those iPod speakers are so cute I don’t even care what they sound like. The flashlight just looks…weird to me. Those kite designs are pretty sweet too. But they’re kites…

    • Are you saying kites aren’t cool? Kites are super cool! You wouldn’t know cool if it zipped over your head attached to a thin nylon string and then got promptly stuck in the coolest cool tree around.

      • No, I’m just lamenting that I have no practical use for one. Kites aren’t exactly the kind of thing you can enjoy privately. Who the fuck is gonna go fly a kite with me?

        • Dude, kite flying can be a total meditative experience. As long as you don’t mind being known as the weirdo who flies her kite all alone in the park. As a bonus parents won’t let their kids near you, so, you know, no annoying kids.

          And, really? Since when has practicality entered into this realm of discussion? Though I would practically use the shit out of a Donatello chair if I had one. I don’t care who it’s sized for.

  • I wonder what the Donny chair looks like.

    • I haven’t found those anywhere yet. I wonder how crazy the new figures will get. Like, will we eventually get wacky TMNT stuff?

  • Oh shit. My monies have found a home. I actually had that Donatello speaker on my Amazon wishlist. Some MTV site had a list of TMNT Christmas gift ideas and that was on it. Unfortunately it was the worst list in the world because it was just photos with titles. No info on where to buy or the cost, so I spent like 3 days tracking that down and finally found it on Amazon, but they were backordered (or maybe not actually available yet).

    And those kites? I’m totally buying them. We have a kite festival in a park downtown every year in March. We usually go for the cheap-o kites since they only get one use. Most of the time I find a Spider-Man one, but these are way cooler.

  • If I didn’t channel Charlie Brown every time I tried to fly a kite, I would totally get one of those!