Get Cool Gamer Stuff Each Month from Loot Crate

Posted 8 years ago by Stuff

When I was a kid, one of the best things in the world was going to the mailbox to see if any of my mail-away offers had arrived. I saved my proofs-of-purchase, enclosed a self-addressed, stamped enveloped, and waited the requisite four-to-six weeks. It was such an incredible feeling to rip open a mailer and get the eagerly anticipated goodies.

You can get that same thrill with a new service called Loot Crate. You can sign up for a monthly package of geek and gamer goodies. You give them $13.37 (get it?) each month and they’ll send you a package of carefully selected video game-related stuff worth three times as much—over $40. There’s cool junk like snacks, gift cards, collectibles in each care package.

Not only that, but each month they pick one person to receive the Mega Crate, a special prize collection worth over $250. It’s like a lottery where everyone is a winner.

  • Sounds like an awesome concept, and I was thisclose to joining up, but when I got to the actual sign-up form, the total said it would be $19.37/month because it adds on $6 for shipping. That was sneaky enough to turn me off. For $20/month I’ll buy 1-2 nice things I really want or need versus a grab bag of potential crap.

  • Cody Mix

    Signed up for a month, thought it was worth a try and I do so enjoy getting things in the mail. FYI if you look there are a few coupon codes floating about to get you a couple bucks off.