Shirt of the Day: Old Boy

Posted 9 years ago by Stuff

Remember when having an Ewok on your shirt was grounds for ridicule?  Or when your regulation Star Trek uniform would get you pantsed in gym class?  Ok, well, both of those things might still hold true today, actually.  The point is, there was a time when wearing your geek on your sleeve was a bad thing.  But now that Mario Bros. red is the new Goth Kid black, it’s become perfectly acceptable to have a clever reference to video games, comic books, Star Wars, or Transformers as part of your wardrobe.

We here at Tophat Sasquatch fully support this new fashion sensibility by bringing you our TSOTD (For those of you not into the whole brevity thing, that’s our “T-Shirt Of The Day”).

This week’s pick is Old Boy*, coming to you from, a fine purveyor of all shirts geeky.  Our favorite handheld video game system sure does look snappy in his monocle and cane, doesn’t he?  And, of course, we fully support his rakish tophat implementation.

If you like Old Boy, though, you gotta hurry – Tee Fury shirts are only around for 24 hours.  So at 12:00am (Eastern), a new, awesome shirt will take its place.  But, hey, it’s only $11 with shipping, so it won’t break the bank.  Isn’t that a small price to pay to show your respect to the green screen of yesteryear?

*No relation to the film with the octopus-eating, hammer-wielding badass.

Check out ‘Old Boy’ on TeeFury.