Scans of the Gaming Pages from a 1993 Sears Catalog

Posted 7 years ago by Games

Sears Mario

I was digging through stuff at my Grandpa’s house last weekend to see if there was anything I found sentimental and wanted to keep (he didn’t die, he’s just moving to a retirement home), and among the old photos, fishing paraphernalia, and random mothball-scented things, I found a 1993 Sears Catalog. I spotted it from a mile away and almost knocked my sister over who was looking through our Grandmother’s Christmas decorations trying to get to it.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a Christmas catalog. If it was, I would have snatched the whole thing and spent hours (days?) scanning the entire toy section. Alas, this was just a regular-type catalog which meant no toys. However, I remembered that even these boring catalogs still usually had video game sections and I quickly flipped past the pages of clothes, exercise equipment, and antique-looking computers to find them. I wasn’t disappointed.
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Shirt of the Day: Old Boy

Posted 10 years ago by Stuff

Remember when having an Ewok on your shirt was grounds for ridicule?  Or when your regulation Star Trek uniform would get you pantsed in gym class?  Ok, well, both of those things might still hold true today, actually.  The point is, there was a time when wearing your geek on your sleeve was a bad thing.  But now that Mario Bros. red is the new Goth Kid black, it’s become perfectly acceptable to have a clever reference to video games, comic books, Star Wars, or Transformers as part of your wardrobe.

We here at Tophat Sasquatch fully support this new fashion sensibility by bringing you our TSOTD (For those of you not into the whole brevity thing, that’s our “T-Shirt Of The Day”).

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Bonus – The Video Games of Dick Tracy

Posted 11 years ago by Games


Not only did the Dick Tracy movie spawn all sorts of fun toys, it also had it’s fair share of video games. In 1990, Tracy invaded our homes and our pockets with NES, Sega Master System, and Gameboy games. Most of the time I associate video game nostalgia with the 8 bit era, but when I actually fire up NES games and then play a SNES or Sega game, I wonder why. I always forget how limiting NES games were, with their simple graphics and gameplay. I grew up a hardcore Sega fan.

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