Instagram Roundup: Skottie Young’s ParaNorman Special Delivery

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After many years removed, I am finally journeying back into the world of comic books. I’m just now discovering the amazing talents of artist Skottie Young. He has to be one of the best fantasy illustrators working today. His work on the Oz series is nothing short of spectacular.

Of course I follow this talented guy on Instagram (username skottie) where I hope to get glimpses of his new work. That wasn’t exactly what I discovered on the photo-sharing app today but what I did see had me even more enthralled. Young had posted a very interesting series of snapshots. He chronicled the opening of a special shipment he had received from LAIKA, the animators behind the upcoming film ParaNorman.

Just as he has a talent for telling a story through his drawings, Skottie had created an excellent narrative by slowly unveiling the package’s contents through photographs.
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Alex Deligiannis’ Sketches of the Day [Instagram Roundup]

Posted 8 years ago by Art

Instagram Roundup

Alex Deligiannis is a friend of the site, having designed our awesome Sasquatch, the logo for our Bubble Pipe Podcast Network, and generally being a cool dude. Recently Alex started posting one sketch a day on Instagram, and I knew right away I had to post another Instagram Roundup to show off some of his art.

He got my attention with some TMNT sketches, including badass new versions of Bebop and Rocksteady. I asked if he’d ever drawn Leatherhead, and he came through in one of his sketches soon after. I love checking Instagram and finding a new sketch every day, and you should follow @AlexDeligiannis or check out the hashtag #DeliDoodle to follow his progress.

He’s had series of Mario, TMNT, Street Fighter, and Avengers sketches, and they’re all awesome. He’s still pretty early in the project, and there’s months of great art to look forward to. You can follow Alex on Instagram, Twitter, or on his blog.

Instagram Roundup: Dave Daniels’ Star Wars ABCs

Posted 8 years ago by Comics

There have been Star Wars-themed alphabets before. Creating a children’s primer of Star Wars ABCs or turning a Stormtrooper into an “S” letter form is nothing new.

However, the current series of illustrations by Dave Daniels is the best I’ve seen. The Toronto-based artist and self-proclaimed Star Wars fanatic is posting his creations within the popular photo sharing app Instagram.

Daniels has worked up to the letter K so far. Each letter gets a wonderful caricature of a Star Wars character representing that letter: A for Ackbar, B for Bossk, C for C-3PO, D for Dengar, E for Ewok, F for Fett, G for Greedo, H for Hutt, I for IG-88, J for Jawa, and K for Kenobi.

You can see all Dave’s creations on Instagram under his username “jaggedgrace.” If you’re iOS-less, you can view them all over at Webstagram, a web viewer for Instagram photos.

Dave told me he’s doing the drawings “just for fun.” They definitely brighten my day and I look forward to what he has in store for the rest of the alphabet. Here’s hoping he draws an Ugnaught for U.

Incidentally, I’m compiling a list of comic artists and illustrators on Instagram. If you have a suggestion for creators who routinely post their work on there — or you are an Instagram artist — please include a comment below with their/your username. I’ll be posting some of my favorites (along with yours) in a future THS post.

Instagram Roundup: A Very LEGO Christmas

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Instagram Roundup

I hope you all are into LEGO in a big way, because my love for the plastic bricks has come back with a vengeance lately, and I expect to be fully obsessed in 2012. As you heard in episode 10 of Bubble Pipe Theater, LEGO goes hand-in-hand with Christmas in my book, and so I thought it would be a great fit for our latest Instagram Roundup.

With two Advent Calenders out this year (regular flavor and a Star Wars version), I knew there would be plenty of Christmas LEGO goodness spread around Instagram. I got the Star Wars calendar for my nieces for Christmas, and today was the day that the Santa Yoda minifig was unveiled. I hope that set goes on sale after Christmas because I wouldn’t mind having a Santa Yoda for myself.

Today’s Instagram Roundup featured photos by steviebay1, mymeltingbrain, hosshina, mattapp, jijipunch, y_yuki, victoriiakate, ndangwp, and my sister patternpatti.

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Instagram Roundup: The Muppets

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Instagram Roundup

It’s Muppet Week here on Top Hat Sasquatch and I thought it would be a great time to publish the second installation in our series of Instagram Roundups since everyone around the world is getting excited about The Muppets again.

I’m sure there will be plenty more images of The Muppets showing up after this week when the new movie comes out. I know my followers will probably be tired of seeing my Muppet-related images in their feed, but that’s the risk you take when you follow me.

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Today’s Instagram Roundup featured photos by junelims, secretlyloud, real_robnice, atgera, npyskater, leocke, kelan18, _wizlosophy, and me, tommyday.

Instagram Roundup header photo by zio Paolino