Instagram Roundup: Skottie Young’s ParaNorman Special Delivery

Posted 7 years ago by Comics, Movies

After many years removed, I am finally journeying back into the world of comic books. I’m just now discovering the amazing talents of artist Skottie Young. He has to be one of the best fantasy illustrators working today. His work on the Oz series is nothing short of spectacular.

Of course I follow this talented guy on Instagram (username skottie) where I hope to get glimpses of his new work. That wasn’t exactly what I discovered on the photo-sharing app today but what I did see had me even more enthralled. Young had posted a very interesting series of snapshots. He chronicled the opening of a special shipment he had received from LAIKA, the animators behind the upcoming film ParaNorman.

Just as he has a talent for telling a story through his drawings, Skottie had created an excellent narrative by slowly unveiling the package’s contents through photographs.

Painstakingly packaged in a wooden box with dirt, sod, and a tiny shovel was a detailed casket containing a model of Goodie Temper, one of the undead from ParaNorman. Here was one of my favorite artists literally unearthing a detailed figure from the one movie I am most eagerly anticipating.

The only thing better than this combination would be Skottie Young illustrating a comic written by none other than master author Neil Gaiman. Oh yeah, that’s Young’s current project. He followed up the ParaNorman photos with a shot of the script’s title page. I can’t wait to see the scenes from “Fortunately, the Milk” that Skottie chooses to post on Instagram.