‘Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2’ Blu-ray Review

Posted 7 years ago by Animated Shorts

Pixar Short Films Vol. 2

The other Pixar Blu-ray out this week besides Brave is Volume 2 of Pixar’s Short Film Collection. The last volume came out five years ago and contained a lot of the studio’s early shorts. Since then, it’s become tradition to include shorts on their major Blu-ray releases, so I was wondering if this release would offer anything new or if it would be more shorts we already have.

Well, it’s a lot of stuff we already have and a few other things that make it worth it.

I’ve got a folder on my media center full of Pixar shorts that I’ve ripped, and so I was eager to see which shorts were on this volume that I didn’t already have from one of Pixar’s other Blu-rays. Unfortunately, the 12 main shorts are (mainly) available on other Pixar Blu-rays, but there are a few new additions. Combined with some awesome bonus features, this disc is worth it if you can find it at a good price.
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‘Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume Two’ Blu-ray Review

Posted 7 years ago by Animated Shorts

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 2

I’m a huge geek for animated shorts, and my fanboyism is pretty evenly split between classic Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons. For some reason though I always held off on buying Looney Tunes on DVD. I guess I had unconciously decided that I couldn’t afford to buy Disney Treasures sets and all the Looney Tunes DVDs at the same time.

Now I’m really glad I never did because WB has been releasing Looney Tunes on Blu-ray and they look awesome and come packed with bonus features for animation nerds like me. I picked up the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 1 a while back when it came out, and WB was kind enough to send a review copy of Volume 2, and it’s just as awesome.

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Cool Stuff: Power Rangers Animated Shorts by Mike McCraw

Posted 8 years ago by Animated Shorts

Hey Disney, want to bring back the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and make them cool again? Hire Mike McCraw to turn his short, animated concepts into a new cartoon series and call me when they’re done.

Mike has animated the Black, Blue, and Pink Rangers so far and each one is full of action and pretty awesome. Next I’d love to see him tackle animated a huge Megazord doing battle with some over-the-top monster character.

Check out the other two after the jump.
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Animé-Style Star Wars Fan Film Totally Rocks

Posted 8 years ago by Animated Shorts

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never quite gotten into Animé. I consider myself less of a geek for not knowing all that much about this important niche of our culture. This new Star Wars-themed video may change all that.

First of all, it’s Star Wars so I’m instantly hooked. But there’s also the addition of some killer tunes by band Sleigh Bells. According to YouTube uploader SuperMulciber it was originally posted by a user named Otaking77077. He just added the soundtrack because “it went well together.” It certainly does. Many of the scenes seem to be perfectly choreographed to the music.

According to the folks at /Film, the animation was done by Paul Michael Johnson under that Otaking77077 pseudonym. Apparently it’s just a tease of more to come from Johnson. I certainly cannot wait for more.

Watch This: ‘Ninja Turtles Tribute’ by Malcolm Sutherland

Posted 8 years ago by Animated Shorts

There are two things I’m usually always in the mood for; animated shorts, and anything related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So when I saw this little animated tribute to the TMNT I had to share it with you all. Canadian Malcolm Sutherland animated this short tribute to everyone’s favorite anthropomorphized ninjas in a style that almost reminds me of 90s Nickelodeon cartoons. I’d love to see Malcolm make another TMNT short, and introduce some villains.

You can check out Ninja Turtles Tribute on Vimeo via Nerd Approved