Animé-Style Star Wars Fan Film Totally Rocks

Posted 8 years ago by Animated Shorts

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never quite gotten into Animé. I consider myself less of a geek for not knowing all that much about this important niche of our culture. This new Star Wars-themed video may change all that.

First of all, it’s Star Wars so I’m instantly hooked. But there’s also the addition of some killer tunes by band Sleigh Bells. According to YouTube uploader SuperMulciber it was originally posted by a user named Otaking77077. He just added the soundtrack because “it went well together.” It certainly does. Many of the scenes seem to be perfectly choreographed to the music.

According to the folks at /Film, the animation was done by Paul Michael Johnson under that Otaking77077 pseudonym. Apparently it’s just a tease of more to come from Johnson. I certainly cannot wait for more.

  • He is also the talent behind the Doctor Who Fan Anime from awhile back:

  • And with a little digging I managed to find his Deviant art page as well, which from the looks of it he has taken mostly down… Which is a real bummer be cause he had a lot of real cool stuff up there from the creation of the Doctor Who video. still fun to look at…

  • Yanni Cooper

    Sadly the video has been removed already. ):

  • You know, i was going to post this myself, but then I saw all the YouTube comments about the creator wanting it removed, so I didn’t out of respect for his wishes, but damn if this thing hasn’t set the internet ablaze overnight. It is truly amazeballs. I’d love to know how Otaking feels about the fact that his work-in-progress pretty much has the entire internet clamoring to give him money/hand over their first-born/whatever so that he’ll make more of this.

    • And I didn’t even get to see it after Tim posted it. Now I want to even more.

      • Oh man, that sucks! I hope somebody out there managed to capture it.

  • I think Tiger & Bunny has to hands down take the anime cake, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on!