Cool Stuff: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shoes

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shoes

We’ve covered geeky shoes a couple of times on the ‘squatch before, and for all you geeks who proudly wear your hearts on your feet, here’s another pair to add to your collection.

Nickelodeon and Fila have joined forces to produce a couple limited edition pairs of sneakers inspired by everyone’s favorite mutant Turtles and their arch-nemesis The Shredder. Available this holiday season, the TMNT FX-100 is a black sneaker with green laces, an embroidered shell on the back, and wrapped in an interchangeable canvas strap featuring the colors of the Turtles’ masks.

Also, there’s a black, gray, and purple shoe modeled after the colors of The Shredder, and unfortunately not featuring any blades or sharp edges. Of the two designs, this is the most appealing to me, especially because they would be the perfect shoe to wear with my Shredder hoodie.

These may not be the best-looking shoes around, but at least Nickelodeon is serious about making the TMNT popular again, and that’s just fine by me. Bring on the merchandise!

So, would you ever wear TMNT shoes?

Sole Collector via The Technodrome Forums

  • Hell yeah I’d wear TMNT shoes. But not these; they’re kinda ugly. D:

    • Hah yeah. I need to find a picture of some of the bitchin’ TMNT converse all-stars I had as a kid.