SDCC Roundup: Comic Book Movie Edition

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Going on vacation during the biggest week for Geek news is kind of overwhelming. I came back from a fun-filled day at Disney World to an RSS Reader full of news stories. Since I don’t have the time to write about all of them in-depth, I’m going to be posting SDCC roundups a few times this week. Today’s edition is all about comic book movies, and there’s a lot of news.
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The 1981 Atari Game Catalog

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Atari Catalog

When I was a kid we had an Atari 2600 in a box in the basement left over from either my Dad or my sisters’ curiosity in video games from a time before I was born. I played it some when I was little and my sister took our (or her) NES to college. There were also a few stores in my hometown where Atari games could be found for dirt cheap, so there’s always been a weird, it’s-better-than-no-video-games kind of nostalgia in my heart when it comes to Atari.

A few years back I found this little booklet at my Mom’s house and stashed it in one of my many junk boxes. I recently dug it out and I knew I had to scan the pages and post them here on the site. With Atari graphics being so horrible, they had to rely on these cool watercolor illustrations to advertise the games, and it’s really fun to look through. So here is, in full, the 1981 Atari Video Computer Systemâ„¢ Catalog.

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Missing Links: Superman, LEGO, and Mrs. Doubtfire

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The Top Hat Sasquatch team reads a lot of blog posts every day, and some slip through the crack or just don’t warrant their own post. That’s where Missing Links comes in. Every few days we collect the best links we’ve come across and pass them on to you.

LEGO CUUSOO News: Great Scott! There ARE Minifigs With The Delorean! | From Bricks To Bothans
So I guess this is happening? It's funny that the LEGO community is complaining about the design of the LEGO DELOREAN THAT IS ACTUALLY COMING OUT.

Revisiting the “Mrs. Doubtfire” Cartoon Directed by Chuck Jones | Cartoon Brew
This is cool. I've always loved this animation from Mrs. Doubtfire and somehow I never knew it was by Chuck Jones.

Sorry Consoles, Apple’s Controller Support Spells Trouble For You
I've been waiting patiently for Apple to enable apps and controllers on the Apple TV and completely disrupt the game industry (again), and I think it's going to happen really soon.

Retro Thing: Superman’s Black-And-White Flights On The Silver Screen
I just finished a book about the history of Superman and this post was perfect timing. It’s funny what a problem taking off and landing was for old-school TV and Film techniques.

Nineteen Eighty Something Spaceguy Demands that you Watch the ‘LEGO Movie’ Trailer

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The LEGO Movie

I’ve been looking forward to The LEGO Movie ever since it was announced, but I wasn’t prepared for how awesome this trailer was going to be. Chris Pratt was perfect casting as the everyman LEGO guy Emmet, who gets mistaken for a Master Builder when a threat looms over the LEGO Universe.

Morgan Freeman’s character looks great, and that role call scene is hilarious. I love seeing Superman, Wonder Woman, a Ninja Turtle, and the 2002 NBA All-Star team all in one room. It definitely has me looking forward to all the LEGO in-jokes that are sure to be in this movie. And 1980-something Spaceguy? Brilliant.
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‘Man of Steel’ is an Exciting Start to a New Franchise

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Man of Steel

I loved Man of Steel.

Know what I love more though? The fact that it’s inspiring debate among geeks. I get the issues that people have with this movie, and I’m just glad that we have a Superman movie that has enough going on to actually get people talking. My hope is that the issues people are having with it won’t be issues when the inevitable sequel gets here, and that Man of Steel can serve as a springboard for a robust Superman (and DC Comics) Cinematic Universe.

If you haven’t seen Man of Steel yet, don’t read this. I don’t think I can talk about the movie without giving anything away.

The Movie

I’m a huge Superman fan. In fact, Man of Steel made me remember just how big of a Superman fan I’ve been my whole life. I was pretty much obsessed with the Big Blue Boy Scout up until I was about fifteen years old. Then I got busy and paid less attention to DC superheros (Spider-Man and X-Men were just hitting the theaters) and it wasn’t until Superman Returns that I started thinking about the character more again. I liked that movie, but just as a nostalgic homage to the classic movies, and I totally understood everyone’s complaints about it. It was not an action-packed Superman film.

Fast forward a few years and the world is superhero movie crazy. We’ve had a great Batman movie trilogy and we’ve seen Marvel craft an incredible interconnected Marvel Universe on screen. It’s time to bring Superman back. When I heard Christopher Nolan was going to be involved I was excited, but then I was less excited when Zack Snyder was announced as the director. I wasn’t a fan, but I am now.

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