5 Actors That Shouldn’t Play Daredevil

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Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I had a draft ready to publish today about Marvel working out a deal with Fox to get the rights to Galactus and Silver Surfer back from Fox, but my slowness paid off, because that turned out to be false. Fox is gearing up to reboot Fantastic Four, and it sounds like they want to hold on to those characters for that franchise, which makes sense. They don’t sound particularly thrilled about making the gritty, Frank Miller-esque Daredevil reboot that has been in the works for a while though, and might actually let the rights to that character revert back to Marvel.

This is cool for many reasons, the most obvious being Marvel could actually do this right. I don’t know how Daredevil would fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but at least he would get a good director and cast. I was going to offer my suggestions on who should play Daredevil in the reboot, but as it turns out, I don’t keep up to speed on young, beefy actors and probably don’t know half the people who will be in the running for the character.

What I can do though is give you five actors that should definitely not play Daredevil in the upcoming reboot.
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The Wonderful Twitter Avatars of Joey Ellis

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One of my favorite things about Twitter is how it is a great place to discover artists. Over the years I’ve been tweeting either I’ve stumbled across artists with similar interests or they’ve found me somehow. One in particular is Joey Ellis, and if you follow him you’re most likely familiar with his awesome Twitter avatars.

His trademark is an awesome avatar of a character you’re familiar with wearing Mickey ears. Here are some of my favorites.

You can find the whole collection in this huge Flickr set.

In Memory of Michael Jackson 1958-2009

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Well, this just sucks. The King of Pop, and the person I’ve always considered to be the most talented person on the planet died yesterday. This is the first celebrity death I’ve cared about in my life, and it’s hitting me pretty hard. Even though Thriller came out two years before I was born, it’s always been one of my favorite albums, and I’ve always loved Michael Jackson and his music. I think he had a tragic life, and was constantly crucified by the media.

For those of us who grew up with him primarily in the 90s instead of the 80s, this is how I’ll always remember him, how I discovered him.

Who can forget Black and White with Macaulay Culkin, or playing Moonwalker (my Dad had the arcade in his pizza shop). These are all memories from the 90s I have of Michael Jackson, and they mean as much to me as the 80s memories mean to my sisters.

His music was amazing. Someday I’m going to introduce my kids to his music and his videos, and I’ll look back and think of where I was when I heard he died. Like many people yesterday, I was on Twitter, hoping the reports weren’t true and trying in vain to access CNN on my phone.

I’m not going to go on and on or post a ton of YouTube videos because, chances are, you’re already doing that if you care. We’ll miss you Michael.