Indianapolis Superhero Museum Auction

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Superhero Auction

Good news, rich folk. The short lived Indianapolis Superhero Museum will be auctioning off all it’s memorabilia this week on January 22nd. The museum, which was closed before I ever even found out about it, was mainly filled with Superman and Batman collectibles. Some of the rarer items up for auction include costumes from the 50’s show The Adventures of Superman, a costume actually worn by Christopher Reeve, and even one from Lois and Clark.

This was supposedly the second largest Superman collection in the world. My guess is that the Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois holds top honors.

You can read more about the auction at Antique Helper and view a ton of photos of at Auction Zip. I’ll gladly be accepting donations of any goods purchased if you get horrible buyers remorse after realizing you just bought a set of tights worn by Dean Cain.

Francos Pagnolo’s DC Heroes

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Mondays are good days for superhero art. Francos Spagnolo created these amazing minimilist DC Heroes and we found them via Batman and Captain Marvel are my favorites, but they’re all awesome. It’s amazing how powerful the lines and shapes are that were chosen by Francos.

I need these in my office.

Batman Under the Red Hood Blu-ray Review

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The DC Animated Universe movies are getting better. Green Lantern: First Flight was OK. Superman/Batman Public Enemies and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths were better than I thought they were going to be. Batman Under the Red Hood held my attention through two viewings in the course of a few days, and so far is my personal favorite.

That really surprises me seeing as how much I love the Kenvin Conroy/Mark Hamill animated Batverse that started in my childhood and has continued up through the Arkham Asylum game. Under the Red Hood feels like a self-contained Batman story though, and can get by with a new voice cast.

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Super Friends Season One Volume Two [Rapid Review]

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Heads up Super Friends fans, Season One Volume Two is out on DVD featuring eight more episodes of the original 1973 cartoon. Since this show was before my time, I wasn’t aware there had been so many different versions of it throughout the years, from The All-New Super Friends Hour to the Challenge of the Super Friends (and even some lost episodes). This DVD set continues the original series where the Season One Volume One set left off.

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First Impressions: Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

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At first I hated the thought of a CG costume, but this new photo of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern has me very intrigued. I love how it looks alien, and I think the CG may actually be a great idea for this particular superhero movie. Green Lantern, like the upcoming Thor, will be a bit of a departure from the average moviegoer’s idea of a modern superhero movie, so lets hope they get it right.

What do you think?