This Just In: Retro Trading Cards

Posted 8 years ago by Stuff

Retro Trading Cards

Time for a new series here on the ‘squatch, This Just In. Inspired by Cool and Collected’s ‘It Came in the Mail’ posts, and by the fact that geeks love finding random junk, I decided it was time to start posting photos when I snag weird retro stuff. I troll eBay for the weirdest stuff, but when I was putting together the ‘Friends of Top Hat Sasquatch’ t-shirt presale, I realized I wanted some cool goodies to throw in to thank everyone for supporting the site, and I was lucky enough to score a huge lot of cards for a pretty good price.

There are 50 odd packs in total, but I love the art and wanted to show off some of my favorites. I’ll admit, I’m going to keep a few of these for myself, but if you have favorites, let me know when you order a shirt and I’ll try to accomodate everyone.

Just please, don’t eat the gum.