Ducktales Valentine Scans [1986]

Posted 6 years ago by Television

Ducktales Valentine

I’ve loved putting together the Vintage Valentine Giveaway this year, and I really think it’s going to be an annual thing on Top Hat Sasquatch. One of the best parts is just getting to see all these retro Valentines again. Some I actually remembered having as a kid.

But some, like these awesome Ducktales Valentines from 1986, were a little before my elementary school days so I never had them. Being obsessed with retro stuff, especially retro stuff based on my favorite cartoons, I love seeing the designs on these Valentines. Part of my original idea for doing the Valentine giveaway was that I could take my favorites and scan them before I sent them out to people so I could archive them in blog posts here. That way everyone can see all the Valentines!

Below is a gallery of all the Valentines that came in this Ducktales box. Click each one to embiggen, and feel free to download and share these!

I don’t know about you, but that card with Gyro Gearloose is kind of stalkerish!

In the next few days before Valentine’s Day, I’ll be posting a few more scans. You can count on seeing some Sonic the Hedgehog, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, Batman, Power Rangers, and more!