Cool Stuff: Crocheted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Posted 7 years ago by Toys

Crocheted TMNT

Browsing the tag archive for TMNT related terms on Instgram is something I find myself doing a lot these days. Through that I’ve found a lot of cool folks like Michelle Phillips (@ttvphoto), who made these awesome crocheted Ninja Turtles from scratch. I first noticed her project in it’s early stages and then watched her progress until they were done.

Seeing as how I have zero craftiness, I love seeing talented people make cool geeky items like these. Michelle has an Etsy store, so keep an eye out in case she ever lists one of these crocheted Turtles!

  • There is totally a market to fill with indie TMNT products that look like they were made by my Grandmother. Also, I’m totally saying that unsarcastically…

  • Yeah, there’s some pretty cool handmade TMNT stuff on ETSY, but a lot of it is shabby, had zero thought put into it, and clearly overpriced to cash in on the current wave of TMNT popularity. Like for example, yesterday I came across some TMNT “necklaces” that were literally just a single Lego TMNT Minifig glued to a ball chain. For 25 goddamn dollars.