Cool Stuff: Crocheted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Crocheted TMNT

Browsing the tag archive for TMNT related terms on Instgram is something I find myself doing a lot these days. Through that I’ve found a lot of cool folks like Michelle Phillips (@ttvphoto), who made these awesome crocheted Ninja Turtles from scratch. I first noticed her project in it’s early stages and then watched her progress until they were done.

Seeing as how I have zero craftiness, I love seeing talented people make cool geeky items like these. Michelle has an Etsy store, so keep an eye out in case she ever lists one of these crocheted Turtles!

Cute Stuff: Muppet Baby Costumes by JustZipity

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Kermit Baby Costume

File this under Awwwwwww. Etsy user JustZipity sells handmade Muppet ‘costumes’ for babies, and they could possibly be the cutest things ever. The masks look really well-made and would definitely blow any store-bought Muppet costume out of the water.

If I had a baby I would totally buy all of these. As of right now, she’s got Kermit, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Gonzo, Oscar the Grouch, and Abby Cadabby. The idea of a baby’s face looking like it’s in the process of being swallowed by Cookie Monster is worth $40, and actually becomes a slightly scary Halloween costume when you think about it.

Oh, and she claims she can make these in adult sizes too, in case you’re like me and were wondering.

Check out her Etsy shop and buy them all. Via Laughing Squid.

Awesome TMNT Plush Toys Bring the Cuteness

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TMNT Etsy Plushies

If your toy/decoration budget is a lot higher than mine, you might want to head over to Etsy and check out these awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Plush Toys by Handmade Stuffs. They’re totally adorable, but they’ll set you back $150 for the complete set. I’m not an expert on crafty things, but from the description they seem to be well-made:

Each doll is sewn using an original pattern in soft, high quality anti-pill fleece and acrylic felt. The dolls are stuffed firmly with all new stuffing made from 97% recycled plastic. Each stands approximately 18″ tall, the perfect size to hug and snuggle. The head and arms are jointed and the doll is able to sit. Each turtles comes with their signature weapon, which is attached by a small circle of hook and loop tape on the hand. The weapons are removable.

Normally I find patterns for cool things on Etsy and beg my crafty sister to make them for me, but these are the finished product. Anyone have an extra $150 I can borrow?

Via Super Punch

Dean Trippe’s Avengers Illustration Assembles the Cuteness

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Dean Trippe's Avengers

Our Geeky Art board on Pinterest is constantly making me aware of new artists, and today I discovered Dean Trippe thanks to Tim’s pin of his awesome Avengers illustration. I love the style here and how everyone is posed around the massive (and cute) Hulk. I would watch an Avengers cartoon done in this style.

Dean submitted his work to the folks at Mighty Fine tees, and you can vote for it here to become an actual licensed Marvel tee. Please do, because I’d love to have this as a shirt.

Check out the illustration on Dean’s Tumblr.

Marvel Superhero Plushies Bring the Cuteness

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Marvel Plush

HULK CUDDLE! We here at Top Hat Sasquatch aren’t afraid to embrace our inner cuteness, and we appreciate it when our geek toys and collectibles aren’t either. That seems to be the case with these Marvel Comics Plushies from Funko, and I want them all.

Plushie Hulk and Thor are my favorites, at least until they get around to making Plushie Deadpool and Plushie Punisher. What about you? Name the Marvel character you think would make the best/weirdest Plushie in the comments.

Via Laughing Squid