Christopher Tupa’s Wish Book Captures Pre-Christmas Toy Anticipation

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Christopher Tupa's Wish Book

For a kid, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas has to be the most excruciatingly slow time of year. It’s a never-ending wait to see what toys will be you under the tree come Christmas morning. When I was little, I would spend this time making wish lists and browsing through the toy pages of the store catalogs. I’d revise my list again and again in hopes of getting the perfect mix of loot.

Now as an adult, I remember those in-between days fondly. Like many things in life, I know that anticipation is equal to, if not greater than, the event itself. As a parent I also now realize how impractical my vast Christmas wish lists were. I wanted so many different things that a certain degree of disappointment was inevitable on Dec. 25. There were always things on those lists that were left unfulfilled.

Christopher Tupa remembers those days as well. The artist and toy collector has created a book of toys and collectibles he wanted as a child but was never able to receive. His free ebook can be downloaded from his website.
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Hasbro’s SDCC 2010 Exclusives

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If you’re lucky enough to be able to attend SDCC this year, here is a heads up on some of Hasbro’s exclusive toys. I don’t know what I’d do with myself at an event that huge, but I’m sure I would want to spend way more money than I would have. Hell, I’d go just to get this Super Hero Squad Show exclusive featuring the mayor of Superhero City and Dr. Doom in his jammies.

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Custom Arcade Cabinets for Your GI Joes

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Are your GI Joe figures dying of boredom? Why not fix them up with a bunch of custom mini arcade cabinets from flickr user Big J.W.? He makes them to order, and I just put mine in for an Asteroids cabinet. Now I just need to get some GI Joes!

Check out his flickr set, and send me your pics if you order anything awesome.