Missing Links: Falcon, Vanilla Ice, Godzilla, Scrooge McDuck

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Missing Links

My favorite thing about doing these Missing Links posts is how random the topics are. I never thought I’d write about Godzilla, Vanilla Ice, and Scrooge McDuck in the same post.

Falcon Finally Gets a Character Poster for Captain America: The Winter Solider
The sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger looks great, but I wish they would show Falcon more in the marketing. His lack of posters and significant screen time in trailers is making me worry that he will barely be in the movie. At least he’s finally gotten a character poster. Fun experiment: Imagine it’s the late 90s and you saw this picture of Falcon. You’d be like…is this from a direct-to-video superhero movie? But now, in context with all the superhero movies we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem that strange. Here’s hoping he gets red and white instead of tactical gear in his next outing on the screen. Side note: Check out the first (and only so far) Marvel Phase 2 Character Guide I wrote for Falcon last year. I need to start this series back up.

Ninja Turtles + Vanilla Ice + Mac & Cheese = Mandatory Post on this Blog
At first I thought this was a new reality show about Vanilla Ice’s new career as a stock boy at a grocery store, but instead it’s an awesome commercial for Mac and Cheese.

Epic Godzilla ‘Empire Magazine’ Cover
I’m so excited about this movie, and I even liked the 1998 version. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Also, someone on Reddit (why yes, I do read the /r/Godzilla subreddit constantly) made a version with no text that can now be found as my phone wallpaper.

There’s a ‘Scrooge McDuck’ Inspired Concept Album with Cover Art by Don Rosa
Wait, what? Via Disney Weirdness

Marvel Phase 2 Character Guide: Falcon

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Captain America #117

I swear I didn’t plan this, but on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day we’re kicking off our week of Marvel Phase 2 Character Guides with Falcon, mainstream comics’ first African-American superhero. For some reason I always thought that title belonged to Luke Cage, but I was wrong. I’ve had a passing understanding of Falcon as a member of the Avengers in various shows I watched as a kid, but I knew I wanted to brush up his history before he debuts on the big screen in Captain America 2: The Winter Solider.

As with the rest of the character guides this week, this should give you a brief overview of the character, show you how he’ll fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and then point you in a few different directions so you can learn more, like I’ll be doing.
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