Ask ‘Squatch: “What’s That Movie About a Kid with Pet Dinosaurs?” [Prehysteria!]

Posted 7 years ago by Movies

Ask 'Squatch: Prehysteria!

It’s time for another edition of Ask Squatch, where we pick one of the weird, random search queries formed as questions that lead people to the site and answer them, Dear Abby style. I didn’t want the second post in this series to also be about dinosaur movies, but I couldn’t pass up writing about this movie from my childhood.

It was a VHS rental that I remember getting quite a few times, and it’s one of the few movies from my nostalgia that hasn’t been released on DVD yet. I included it on my list of the worst dinosaur movies of the 90s, but I loved it when I was little. So, what is it? Prehysteria!, a direct-to-video movie from 1993 that went direct-to-my-heart because dinosaurs and that kid from Last Action Hero.
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Ask ‘Squatch: “What’s the worst Land Before Time movie?”

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Ask 'Squatch

Over the years there has been some pretty random and wacky stuff published here on Top Hat Sasquatch, and as a result, we get some really funny search queries pop up in our analytics that lead people to the site. It’s funny how many people form their searches as questions, and it got me thinking. What if I picked out the best ones every so often and treated it like a reader mailbag? The result is a new series: Ask ‘Squatch.

I’ll try to use the exact searches as often as I can, but sometimes if we get a really good one I may just form it into a question or something. Trust me though, I’ve got a big list of really funny ones. Because of my dumb 10 Worst Dinosaur Movies of the 90s post, a lot of them are about dinosaur movies. Go figure.

We’re kicking off the series with one that doesn’t sound as wacky as some of the others, but when you think about why someone would be looking for this information, it’s kind of hilarious.

What is the worst Land Before Time movie?

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Book Review: Dinosaur Art: The World’s Greatest Paleoartists

Posted 8 years ago by Books

I was born in a time that has since become known as the “Dinosaur Renaissance”, a period that arguably began in 1975 when paleontologist Robert Bakker, the bearded, hippy-looking guy with the long hair and cowboy hat that we all know from PBS and the Discovery Channel, published an article in Scientific American that gave the era its name.   It was here that many people first heard about dinosaurs being far different from the way they had previously been portrayed – as large, sluggish, rather boring lizards.  Bakker and others like him posited that dinosaurs were in fact warm-blooded, social, vibrant, and voracious creatures that shared more characteristics with modern day birds than they did crocodiles and turtles.

Once dinosaurs became more than just over-sized iguanas, educational book publishers sat up and took notice.  Here was a way to make science cool again; probably for the first time since the space race.  So they started cranking out books for kids with garish, almost comic book-like covers of dinosaurs that were based on these newly-presented ideas.  It worked.  And as a kid born the same year “Dinosaur Renaissance” was published, my early childhood was inundated with books, toys, cartoons, games, and everything else imaginable that starred these “terrible lizards”.
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10 Things That Look Better Than The Amazing Spider-man’s Lizard

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The Lizard

I liked The Amazing Spider-man. I really did. I liked almost everything about it, with one glaring exception: the design of The Lizard. I was so excited when they announced that The Lizard would be the villain in this movie, but when the designs started to leak, I was a little bummed. When I finally saw the movie, I liked the character but the snoutless, generic Lizard design didn’t do much for me. So, to avoid actually working today I’ve been making a list of 10 things that look better than The Lizard.

As with most ‘silly lists’ on Top Hat Sasquatch, this is mainly a joke. Keep that in mind before you rage in the comments section.


The Goombas from the Super Mario Bros Movie

The Goombas from the Super Mario Bros movie were the first things I thought of when I saw The Lizard. Bald, scaly, and a big toothy grin. Exactly what The Lizard could have looked like in a 90s Spider-man movie, had they decided to ditch the snout and make it look ridiculous. I don’t know if a snout would have made The Lizard look that much better, but what is so unrealistic about growing a snout vs. growing a tail?
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The 10 Greatest Puppet TV Shows of the 90s

Posted 11 years ago by Television


Everybody loves a great puppet show, and in honor of the decade that doesn’t get written about much, I give you the 10 Greatest Puppet TV Shows of the 90s. I didn’t want to include the 80s for various reasons, but mainly because there would be a lot more obvious choices in that list. Hopefully you’ll remember some shows you haven’t thought about in a long time, or discover some you’ve never heard of.

Whether you’re trying to remember what that puppet show in the 90s with the dragon was called or just want to be reminded of some awesome shows, this list is for you.

10. The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

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First up is the short-lived puppet series based on the works of Dr. Seuss. The Wubbulous World ran on Nick Jr. for two seasons (96-97) and included all of the classic Seuss characters, but in new stories. I always had a fascination with shows that I knew I was too old for in the 90s, and I remember watching a few episodes of this. I loved how well Dr. Seuss’ characters translated into puppet form. I’d take a movie in this style over either of the horrible live action Seuss stories any day.

9. Dog City

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Dog City was a cartoon/puppet hybrid show that aired from 1992-1995. It was a spinoff of the Dog City segment on an episode of the Jim Henson Hour, which was all puppets. The puppet segments revolved around Elliot Shag, a dog cartoonist who creates the detective character Ace Hart. I know there was more cartoon than puppets, but I still had to include it.

So far in the states the only way to legally find the show is to download episodes on Amazon for $1.99. Boo for Amazon Video on Demand being Windows only. You can also check out the intro on YouTube.

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