Remaining Top Hat Sasquatch Shirts on Sale

Posted 7 years ago by Shirts


Heads up! I’m about out of shirts from the first run and so I’m discounting the rest to get rid of them. Eventually I’m going to order more, but the new ones will be on a different shirt, and probably not American Apparel. So, if you’re a size M-2X, you can still get in on the first batch of THS shirts for $12, plus $2 for shipping.

The shirts are super comfy and you get a bunch of goodies like stickers, a button, and some retro trading cards. The second batch of shirts probably won’t come with so much stuff either! I went ahead and set up a shop on the site because I have some plans to add a few more things down the road, and wanted to give it a test run.

Oh, and if you head over to THS’s Instagram feed you’ll find a coupon code you can use to get free shipping!