When You Hear This Sound #8 – Conan the Barbarian

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Come along and listen to two tales of sword and sorcery adventures in the Hyborian Age, as we follow in the massive footsteps of the Cimmerian himself, Conan the Barbarian.

A New TMNT Fan Club? Yes Please

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TMNT Fan Club

One of my big regrets in life is not joining the original TMNT Fan Club back in the day. This was the club that used Pizza Points as currency and got you some sweet swag for joining.

Well, I can stop crying because Nickelodeon has relaunched their TMNT Master Foot vs. Ninja thing that I didn’t really understand as the new TMNT Fan Club. You may not get a fancy swag bag for joining, but earning points through the system gets you chances to win cool prizes, so count me in.

One of the current prizes is pretty amazing too. Remember the Bebop & Rocksteady classic figures coming out soon? You could win the actual sample figures for those by earning enough points. I was going to say that I’ll probably never earn enough points to win anything, but then I noticed that Instagram integration is coming soon and I can earn points for participating in TMNT photo challenges and using the #TMNT hashtag. I practically do that every day now, so bring it on!

I just wish they’d bring back pizza points.

Join the TMNT Fan Club!

I Won a Ducktales Remastered Press Kit from Capcom

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Ducktales Remastered Gold Cart

Note: There’s a contest in this post!

Six months ago I found out Capcom was releasing Ducktales Remastered and I got really pumped about it. I love Ducktales and I love Remastered versions of classic games. Fast forward a few months and I find out that Capcom created these amazing press kits to promote the game, and I was sad because I knew I’d never get one.

Then I found out that Capcom had a few Ducktales press kits left over, and they could be won be either singing the Ducktales theme song or creating some fan art. Now I was really pumped. I sing and play guitar a lot, and I play the Ducktales theme song constantly just because I love it. When I found out about this contest, I immediately threw on my Ducktales game shirt, sat down in front of my computer, and played the song. I should have used something other than my internal mic because the audio kind of sucks, but I was too excited and wanted to enter as quickly as possible.
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5 Reasons Why Disney Should Make a New ‘Ducktales’ Movie

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Scrooge's Money Bin

I’ve been thinking about Ducktales a lot lately. Besides the fact I just found out I won an awesome Ducktales Remastered promo kit from Capcom (more on that later), I’ve been thinking about how it is the perfect time for Disney to make a CG Ducktales movie. I know technically there has been a Ducktales movie, but The Treasure of the Lost Lamp was hardly the Ducktales movie we deserve.

Why do I think this should happen?

1. Ducktales is Timeless

Because Ducktales was based on the classic Carl Barks duck universe and wasn’t based completely in our world, it has a timeless quality that a lot of 80s/90s cartoons just don’t have. You can pop in a DVD of Ducktales and watch it without a whole lot of cringe-worthy moments. I can’t even say that about the original TMNT cartoon, and I’m a huge Turtle nut.

Kids (and adults) still relate to the adventure and globe-trotting aspects of the series, and the villains and secondary characters are still a lot of fun. Ducktales wouldn’t need a lot of updating to work as a feature film. Give it an awesome script and it could be great.
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Book Review: Monster Massacre

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Monsters are an odd phenomenon in the human psyche.  When we’re little, the thing under the bed or hiding in the closet seems entirely too real.  But once those fears have been conquered, kids with vivid imaginations often embrace the creatures of their nightmares, and suddenly the razor-sharp fangs and slimy exteriors become endearing, instead of frightening.  For those kids, Titan Books has just released Monster Massacre, a compendium of comics, short stories, and artwork of those things that go bump in the night.  The book features a wide variety of creepy crawlies, from Lovecraftian cephalopods to mutant insects to demi-gods to good old fashioned dinosaurs.  Essentially, if you like monsters, there’s something here for everyone.  Unfortunately, the quality of the work presented is as varied as the creatures lurking within.

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