Ouya: A (Very Late) Review

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I wasn’t a Kickstarter backer of the Ouya, because I thought an Andoird-powered gaming system sounded pretty dumb. It wasn’t until I started hearing about how it was pretty great for emulation that I started considering it. Then over the summer I got a $100 Amazon card and it was burning a hole in my pocket, so I ordered an Ouya. I’ve been meaning to write up a review for months, but I hadn’t used it much until the past couple weeks.

When I first got it, I loaded up a bunch of ROMs, from NES all the way up to Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1, onto a flash drive and dove into setting up emulators. Some are obviously just ports of Android apps and have very crappy UIs, but there are a few that are very nice and look great on a TV in your living room. Overall, they worked well, but N64 and PSX games were a lot more flakey.

I thought for $99 it wasn’t a bad little gadget to get if you wanted an easy (and couch-friendly) way to get ROMs on your TV. The made-for-Ouya games I tried were horrible, and so I wrote off that whole aspect of the console. Then last week I played Towerfall with a friend.

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Threadless has Lion King Shirts. That is all.

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Lion King Shirts

Threadless continues to kill it with their special design challenges based on licensed stuff. I grabbed a couple of their Simpsons shirts over the holidays, and today they announced something awesome for a kid from the 90s: Lion King shirts.

The Lion King is probably in my top ten movies of all time, and they’ve got a few great designs. Future King and Hakuna Matata are my favorites, but the others are pretty good too.

Now, can we get some Aladdin tees?

First Look at the Turtles and Shredder from the Upcoming Movie

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New TMNT Designs

In case you haven’t heard yet, some designs leaked from the new TMNT movie. It looks like concept art for Shredder and some design statues of the four Turtles have leaked, albeit in low resolution. Maybe the filmmakers will use this as motivation to get an official look at the characters out sometime soon.

I’ll be honest, I’m actually kind of liking these designs. The movie may suck, but I’m going to hold off any more judgement until we see a trailer. I don’t mind the Turtles having the looks they have in these images. I love that they are thick and muscular and not skinny like the CG movie.

TMNT Movie

Shredder looks a little like a cross between Super Shredder and Lord Zed, but we’ll see how he looks in motion. Honestly I was expecting way worse for Shredder so I’m sort of relieved. If this movie is at least decent, I could see it making a lot of money. Especially if they keep a few of the 80s throwbacks that were in the leaked script. That script had Bebop, Rocksteady, the Technodrome, and more. If they at least have a couple nods to the 80s cartoon while still having good CG and action, they could hit a sweet spot of people our age seeing this and young people seeing it because of Turtlemania 2.0.

What do you guys think?

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Cool Stuff: The Simpsons 25th Anniversary Homer Simpson Mr. Potato Head

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I keep throwing money at my computer screen, but nothing is happening. Seriously, I’ve held back on buying any of the cool pop culture Mr. Potato Heads that have come out over the years, but this Homer Simpson version is pretty awesome and would look great in my office. I wonder what else they have up their sleeves for the 25th Anniversary of The Simpsons this year?

Via Laughing Squid

The Most Interesting Boba Fett Rumor You’ll Hear Today

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Boba Fett

One of the worst offenses of the Star Wars prequels to me was taking the mysterious, badass character of Boba Fett and turning him into a whiny little clone. I dont’ want to know what Boba Fett was like as a kid, and frankly I don’t even need to know what he looks like under the helmet. That’s why everyone loved the character. He was a notorious ass-kicker who even commanded a little respect from Darth Vader.

Well, it seems like Lawrence Kasdan (co-writer of Empire and Return of the Jedi) has a great idea for retconning Boba Fett so that he can be a badass again in his rumored spin-off movie. Latino Review has the scoop, and really hope it’s true:
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