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5 Reasons Why There Won’t be a Halloween Countdown This Year (Plus 7 Countdowns to Follow)

Posted 5 years ago by Stuff


It’s that time of year! The mighty month of October is upon us, and that means hoodie weather, pumpkins, Reese’s Pumpkins, an excuse to sit out your old McDonald’s pails, and of course Halloween countdowns on all your favorite blogs.

I love Halloween as much as the next blogger, but I won’t be posting a Halloween countdown this year and thought I’d let you know why, as well as fill you in on what sites I’m checking every day this season. So, Y U No post a countdown you say?

1. I hate horror movies.

It’s hard to come up with 31 days of content when you have zero interest in the horror genre. I’m written about as much as I can about Ernest Scared Stupid and the other spooky movies I watch are about on the same level. I prefer kids’ Halloween movies to horror films.

2. I just got my first dog.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I just got my first dog ever a few days ago, and chances are pretty high that this would end up being a 31 Days of Adorable Dog Pictures countdown, leading up to his first Halloween costume (I’m leaning towards Mr. T). Oh, and this is a reason because I feel like every second of the day I’m not working now I’m rushing Marty outside to make sure he doesn’t pee on the carpet.

3. I Already Overloaded on Halloween Candy.

I boarded the Halloween Candy Train a little early his year, and felt sick for about three days after “researching” that article. With no love of horror movies, I would probably post 15 more days of candy and turn the list into the 31 Pounds of Halloween countdown.

4. Schedules Make me Nervous.

I’ve posted countdowns a few times throughout the years, and they always make me nervous and rarely ever get finished on time. I’ve got some cool new content planned that I need some motivation to get finished (videos, a series that will require some travel, and some surprises) and that won’t happen if I’m stressing out about a schedule.

5. I Won’t Do it Better Than These Guys:

This post was really just an excuse to link to all the awesome sites I read that are featuring Halloween countdowns this year. I may not have the time or dedication to do one myself in 2012, but I’m sure glad these folks do. I lit up like a kid on Christmas when I checked my RSS feeds on October 1st and saw all these sites welcoming me to the season. Shawn of Branded in the 80s hosts the Countdown to Halloween every year and they already have over 200 sites lined up to participate.

Sites Featuring Halloween Countdowns This Year

I’m sure there are a ton of other cool sites with countdowns this year, so if I left any out, let me know in the comments! Oh, and Happy Halloween!

  • the surfing pizza

    haha I probably wouldn’t have done the countdown if we had gotten our dog this month. they’re such a handful. welcome to the nightmare. (a very cute nightmare though,)

  • Man, now I’ve got A LOT to live up to, lumping me in with those guys. I’m a Halloween Countdown virgin, but I’m gonna give it my best shot! I hear ya on the whole schedule thing; I’m pretty nervous about it too. I’ve turned this countdown into a challenge to myself. If I can make it all the way through October and actually stick to my content plan, I will consider it a success.

    By the way I’m totally on board with 31 Days of Adorable Dog Pictures. Marty is too cute!

    • Yeah I’ll hopefully challenge myself with some kind of Christmas-themed countdown, but we’ll see.

  • Brian (Cool and Collected)

    Every year, I tell myself to plan for the countdown and write up some posts ahead of time, but once again, I have failed to do so. This year I’m numbering my posts, which is more incentive to actually get one out every day. We’ll see how long I can keep KONGTOBER going. 😉

    Thanks for the shoutout, and keep that puppy away from the candy!

  • HalloweenAddictdotcom

    As a Halloween Countdowner, I completely understand the self-inflicted pressure to post… also the allure of a new dog… annnnnnnnnnd also overloading on Halloween candy.

    So, not that you need it, but— pardon granted.

    Also: Just found your site and am totally digging it. Great work!